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    "What thing?" Long Zhan's self-control skill is excellent, and he is not afraid. Besides, it is raining heavily now, and the fire plan is not feasible. Unexpectedly, the glacier stretched out the whole person suddenly burned a fire, the fire also heard his laughter, the fire spread to his body to the ground, and then through the black liquid burned the whole plain in an instant, the light of the fire was not simply red, there was a strange black in the fire, in such a heavy rain was still burning, and burning more and more intense. Long Zhan frightened, his troops are all stained with those black liquid, that is not. Sure enough, he was right to worry. In the blink of an eye, the battlefield was full of screams. Countless soldiers were burning with this inextinguishable fire. The soldiers rolled to the ground to extinguish the fire, but they burned more vigorously because they were stained with black liquid. How, how is it possible? Long Zhan was stunned. Involuntarily kneeling on the ground, close to a hundred thousand troops. That's it? That's it? How is it possible.. "Is it impossible?" Laughter came from the flames, and then Long Zhan saw the fire slowly parting on both sides, no, because it was forced away by a purple flame, and then he saw a beautiful woman with purple hair slowly coming out of the fire, with a small cluster of purple flames fluttering in her left palm. Obviously, the hot flame was separated by the purple flame. I am Paslan. Glacier extension. Felix, in order to let you die clearly, I tell you, this is not a plain at all, this is the collection of raw materials for the'Magic Gun ', but I secretly found someone to make it like a plain two years ago. So,rotary vacuum disc filters, the defenders on this road are the least, as long as there are enough soldiers to step quickly, it will naturally destroy the ground, and I just gently cast the fire. The situation is as it is now. The glacier extended a smug smile. Hateful I'll kill you! Long Zhan stood up in surprise and anger, and with a loud roar, he rushed to the glacier. It's really a fool. The glacier stretched and sighed lightly, and the figure disappeared in an instant, appeared again, and disappeared again. Then when he appeared, he was already standing in front of Feile Yubiti, but Long Zhan fell to the ground as soft as a boneless one. Perhaps only he and Glacier Shen knew what had happened in the moment just now. Glacier stretch! Feile Yubiti stared at the unparalleled beauty of the glacier, but there was resentment in his tone. After a few years of separation, General Feiler has been as elegant as ever. In fact, you must wonder why I am so wasteful, right? This is not in line with my usual style of fighting, and more importantly, fine bubble diffuser ,lamella clarifer, do you want to know more about me for your lover? The glacier stretched out a smile, and the flame in his left hand illuminated his face with ferocious terror, as if it came from Jiuyou. What did you say Feile Yubiti heard the four words of your lover and suddenly trembled all over, staring at the glacier. Hahahahahahaha, there is nothing that can't be found and known in the organization of idlers. Of course, only a few people know about your relationship with the natural flow of life. You don't have to worry so much, besides, I'm a fellow traveler with you, and of course I understand your suffering. As he spoke, the glacier, who had been smiling all the time, showed a wry smile for the first time. You Feiler Yubiti seems to have learned something. Forget it, you go back to tell the natural living heart flow, with Jimmy will be defeated, this rebellion from the beginning is someone's game, you and I are moving according to the rules of the game, do not invite death, and you get a lot of information is wrong, your Highness.. Nobuyoshi said no more, because the army led by Bane had arrived. Glacier stretch! The purple hair of the glacier stretch was already very famous, and Bane saw it and immediately shouted excitedly. At the same time, Feile Yubiti came to his senses. Just as he reached out to grab the glacier stretch, the purple flame burst out, dazzling. In the flames, the voice of the glacier stretched faintly: "This time I'm just playing with you, next time …" That's when Jimmy died! Damn it! These pesky fires! Bane cried out anxiously. The fires, which he did not know what they were, were still burning, apparently just a means of delaying the glacier. But there was nothing he could do. And Feiler Yubiti really needed to talk to the natural living flow about what he had heard. The war situation is deadlocked. Have a book city C: \ Documents and Settings \ Administrator \ Desktop \ Collection of Mo Ren's Works v1.0 \ 07 021 Chapter 19 wild hope is shattered. "What a glacier stretch!" Jimmy's army also slowly arrived with the passage of time. Looking at the endless sea of fire, Jimmy's face twitched unnaturally, his hands clenched his fists, and the veins all appeared on his skin, showing his extreme anger at the moment. Why Why Why don't I know what's going on here! Why? Since there is such an arrangement here, why does the shemale want to fly moths to the fire? Why Jimmy shouted angrily, and with a sudden wave of his hand, he sent out a spell of "freezing cold hell" to the sea of fire, but the fire was too fierce and weird. The freezing spell and the rainstorm only suppressed the fire a little, but in the blink of an eye, the flames surged again. You don't have to waste your energy. "We have stepped into a trap from the very beginning," he said with a smile. "The opportunity of your rebellion and the deployment of their troops are all traps." For the first time, the natural flow made it clear to Jimmy's face that he was in rebellion, not insurrection! Immediately, several knights behind Jimmy pulled out their swords and stared ferociously at the natural flow of life. ……” Jimmy did not speak, but stretched out his hand to stop the restlessness of his men. Then he turned to stare at the natural flow of life and said coldly, "What's going on?"? You tell me clearly, Fang Tianri absolutely does not have such deep Ayutthaya, what do you see?! "Ha ha ha ha, it's a simple thing!" The natural living heart stream suddenly laughed, laughed carefree dripping,rapid sand filters, laughed as if no one else, did not put the people in the eye, Feile Youbidi also laughed. khnwatertreatment.com