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    In the Eight Diagrams furnace, the flames beat and the fragrance assailed the nostrils. Chu Feng sat there, and the fragrance of medicine came from near! "Exercise, the opportunity to break the eighth shackle has come!" Chu Feng said to himself. Global evolution, aliens, the orthodox Penglai survivors, and so on, will appear, Chu Feng naturally hopes to become stronger and cope with the changing situation. Well, it's time to go and kill that Chu Feng. Huang Weiyue and Han Wenze are talking. At the same time, the people of Penglai Fairy Island were asking about the whereabouts of Chu Feng after landing. He came on behalf of the young master of a branch of Penglai and wanted to summon Chu Feng. Chapter 395 God is coming. ? In the stars Like a jungle of steel, the battleship entered the solar system and landed one by one on Pluto, Neptune, In the past, in those glorious days, there were garrisons on these planets outside the earth, and giant cities were built, and sub-cities were evolved to guard the gate. At that time, a large number of evolutionists in the Star Sea came to make pilgrimages and got off their mounts or stepped out of their chariots from a distance. At that time, there was a thousand star vine connecting these planets, the news was transmitted instantly, and the whole solar system contained great vitality. Now, warships are overwhelming, and a large number of small spacecraft are released to enter these planets, looking for traces left by the glorious era. However, the Earth's probes in space are now ineffective and have not captured these warships and spacecraft at all. Han Wenze's prediction has come true, the era of chaos and splendor has arrived, and the creatures of the outer galaxy have appeared in batches and are about to come to Earth on a large scale. Mount Olympus, a holy place in Greek mythology, has a stone gate on its peak, which has a vast energy fluctuation and shocked all European countries. Boom! But eventually a silvery mushroom cloud rises from here,wall penstocks, creating a huge explosion, and the turbulent flow of energy runs amok, flattening some of the mountain tops. At the stone gate, a creature reached out a hand, flowing silver blood, and the breath was terrible, shaking the peaks. Click! Finally, the stone door exploded, and there was a cry of despair. The hand spasmed, and the body behind the stone door fell apart, and both form and spirit were destroyed in the light of the fire. At the beginning,multi disc screw press, Chu Feng, Big Black Bull and Siberian Tiger had climbed this sacred mountain. At that time, the scalper had said that the orthodoxy wanted to take a shortcut to bring religion into the earth, which was playing with fire, and now it seems that the prophecy has come true. The creatures on this road have failed, and some have died tragically. The stronger the creature wants to cross the border, the more difficult it is. Just now, it can be seen that the creature with silver blood is absolutely over the shackles. On the same day, a famous mountain in northern Europe, black fog swept across, black light surged, and finally accompanied by a black flame, a creature stumbled out of the folding space. His body was cracked to the bone, but he was laughing, his hair was disheveled, his eyes beamed with black light, and he had made it to earth. He was very strong and very young. His whole body was filled with the power of Taiyin. He was dressed in the ancient clothes of the East, but at this time he was already in rags. How interesting He was smiling, showing his snow-white teeth, conditioning his body, and then striding out of the mountains. On that day, Belt Filter Press ,Dissolved Gas Flotation, many beastmasters and powerful evolutionists came to seek refuge, because many creatures had known that there was a strong man outside the country who was always watching him, and then he occupied a famous sacred mountain in the West and temporarily hibernated. God is coming! A piece of news spread in a small area. In fact, everywhere is not quiet, there are suspicious creatures in the folding space deep in some famous mountains, and there are strong energy fluctuations that occasionally surge out. The Taihang Mountains, for example, caused the animals to tremble and lie on the ground and whine constantly yesterday. Extraterritorial powers, creatures from different galaxies, are about to arrive on a large scale. Some are relatively ordinary, but some are extremely powerful. They are the true sons of gods, heavenly daughters, and so on. A person can look down on a field, shining and dazzling. When some princes and saints come to the declining earth, it is not too much to regard themselves as gods. Now, even at this level, the creatures are approaching, there are traces, and someone is coming. On Laoshan Mountain, Han Wenze, who had a family of red veins between his eyebrows, suddenly stopped talking and looked up in shock, looking deep into the mountains! Beside him, Huang Weiyue turned around and gazed at the depths of Laoshan Mountain, her beautiful face full of surprise. "The prince is coming?" "Go on a pilgrimage!" The next moment, both of them moved, with the wind, flying sand and stones, and many thorns and shrubs in the mountains burst and broke as they ran. Laoshan, under an ancient silver pine, Lin Nuoyi also felt, gazing at the depths of the mountains. At the same time, many people moved into the mountains. In the early morning of Laoshan Mountain, the morning glow is thin, the mountain forest is warm and golden, and the mist is colorful and peaceful. At this time, a breath of energy is amazing, spreading in the folding space and sweeping out. Han Wenze and Huang Weiyue rushed here and stared at the mountains ahead. There is a mountain standing tall, towering into the clouds, this is the emergence of a huge mountain after the change of heaven and earth, thousands of feet high, never in the past. This is the so-called folding space, with mysterious paths connecting the distance. In that mountainous area, the divine light is dotted, the peaceful energy fills the air, just like the immortal earth, where there are dozens of creatures, all very strong, just like a group of heavenly soldiers and generals! Most of these creatures are human form, a few are fierce birds and beasts, are mounts, here there are men and women, old and young, are full of spirit, one by one extraordinary. Who would have thought that there were so many foreign creatures in the depths of Laoshan Mountain, and if it spread out, it would surely lead to monstrous waves. This is the spirit of the evolution Dynasty, when on the road, there were many more people than this, many people died on the way, and in the end there were dozens of people approaching. Of course, after arriving here, they immediately stopped and did not dare to rush forward. The final checkpoint of life and death was in front of them. The invisible natural moat was feared by any strong man. There are fierce beasts, there are also horses with scales, the whole body flowing brilliance, sitting on the people one by one armor shiny, breath amazing,filter nozzle, holding Tiange, halberd and so on. They are all strong, and they are all very powerful. khnwatertreatment.com