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    As he walked along, Yunkuang gave a loud sound, and faintly heard a loud rumbling noise in front of him, like ten thousand horses galloping, like the raging waves of the sea. He took a few steps quickly and timidly, turned the end of the path, and a very small mountain depression appeared in front of him. On all sides were straight cliffs towering into the clouds, bare, with no flowers and trees to hide them. Only on the cliff in front of them, there was a huge waterfall with three or five teas hanging down. The surface of the water was seven or eight feet wide. When they got close, they felt the rumbling sound almost deafened their ears. Behind the waterfall, the Cangfeng Peak meets the clouds, and there is a waterfall galloping down in the cliff clouds, just like the water in the sky, magnificent and magnificent, just like the poem flying down three thousand feet, suspected to be the Milky Way falling nine days. But at this time, Yunkuang had no idea of enjoying the scenery, because she had felt that the five people outside had rested for a while, and seemed to be very worried about the path. They had slowly come in and would come here in a moment, and there was nothing to hide except a waterfall and a pool of water under the waterfall. This is really asking for trouble. If I hadn't stepped into this place, I might have been able to deal with it for a while. Now it's like stepping into the gate of death with one foot and being caught in a jar. Far away has been able to vaguely hear the faint sound of footsteps, Rao is two people's determination, also can not help but secretly anxious. The cloud rolled his eyes wildly,disc air diffuser, but he couldn't think of any way to get away. Depressed, he was so angry that he picked up a fist-sized stone and hit the waterfall. He said angrily, "*** you. What's wrong with you? You want to come to such a waterfall. It's like the sky is going to kill me!" The words did not finish, then froze black sleeping eyes slowly squint this stone down, anyhow also want to have a little reaction ah, but there is no sound, this is not too strange? Cloud maniac thoughtfully picked up three stones again, divided into upper, middle and lower routes,rapid sand filters, and hit the waterfall together. The stone at the bottom made a sound and fell out, while the two at the top had no news and no response. Haha, as expected, there is no way out. I don't believe that those old monsters will have the same luck as me to discover the Water Curtain Cave. Cloud crazy couldn't help but be overjoyed, patting the shoulder of the seven who were standing in a daze, "Xiao Qi, let's go through the waterfall!"! Seven kill to cloud crazy words without doubt, also not afraid to be killed by the stone wall, two white shadow slightly flash, then "into" the waterfall, two living people, unexpectedly so disappeared. As soon as the two of them got in with their front feet, the five of them entered the mountain depression with their back feet. It was really a close call. It was only a fraction of a second. If it was a little later, I'm afraid someone would really have to explain it here. South crane five people originally just walk around at will, looked around the bare scenery, then did not pay too much attention, Mechanical fine screen ,disc air diffuser, looked around and then leisurely left. As soon as Yunkuang and Qisha rushed over the waterfall, they felt bright and suddenly enlightened. The whole field of vision suddenly became spacious. However, their feet were suddenly empty. Both of them were startled and fell down. Behind the waterfall, there is a cliff. Two people's body rest fell quickly, seven kill the reaction on the body is always faster than the brain, quickly hold the cloud crazy, a turn over, oneself then pad below, two people waved all the way down, "bang" to a muffled sound, then fell to the ground. Xiao Qi? Cloud crazy was seven kill firmly protected, finished not injured, the heart is very moved, nervously turned up to confirm the safety of seven kill, but listen to seven kill safe and sound of the flat voice shouted. Don't worry, I'm fine. Looking around, the cloud crazy just reacted to come over, two people are competing to fall on a straw mat, so it is not a big problem. The heart can not help but be stupefied, this straw mat is very thick, the base is quite high, not natural ownership, must be caused by human beings, is there anyone else in this place? The straw mat is quite high. Standing on it, you can have a panoramic view of the whole valley. This valley is very beautiful. It is surrounded by mountains on all sides. All kinds of fruits grow everywhere in the valley. The mountain flowers are in full bloom. A stream flows all the way along the hinterland of the valley and converges into a small pool in the depression of the valley. There are big and small fish in the water. There are still a few small animals chasing and fighting in the woods. It is simply a natural retreat from the world, Xanadu shrouded in the dim moonlight, with a bit of mystery, so beautiful that people feel comfortable. A small path, meandering to the dense fruit forest, although it is overgrown with weeds, as if no one has taken care of it for a long time, it can be seen from the sun that there are traces of this man-made. After waiting for about half an hour, he recovered his internal force and made sure that Elder Nanhe had already left. Then Yunkuang asked in a loud voice, "Is there a master in the valley?"? Echoes in the small valley, cloud crazy deliberately control the force, the whole valley can be heard clearly, but will not spread out. Suddenly, a small dark shadow like a sharp arrow appeared in the forest. The speed of the wind and lightning was too fast for the cloud maniac, who was a master of ink bamboo, to react. In the dark night, in a straight line, he shot at the two of them like a ghost! Heart a jump, even seven kill and cloud crazy so bold, for a moment also can not help feeling out of a cold sweat! Chapter 89 of the heroic blood of the world has broken the sky! The black lightning was so fast that it reached the eyes of the two men in an instant. Cloud crazy only felt a tight shoulder, a small claw has grabbed her shoulder, a very soft touch against her cheek, arch and arch, the feather is soft and soft, so that cloud crazy heart is also itching hot. Cloud crazy and seven kill put down the heart, the original is a small animal without malice, but this animal can let them also have a sense of crisis, absolutely not ordinary. Two people turned their eyes, a look,fine bubble diffuser, the color of surprise and admiration suddenly filled the eyes, black night as if more than a colorful glass lamp, beautiful eyes. khnwatertreatment.com