Golden Dharma Eye (Fat Rabbit)

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    He seemed to be visiting Mo Liming, who told him, "We haven't made a decision yet.". Let's take another look. "Well, you have to look at it.". Only when you have a bottom in your heart can you write. Tang Long nodded hurriedly and replied. Brother Mo, there's something I just forgot to say about your stone. Yesterday afternoon, your performance of gambling stone was really wonderful. Later, you opened such a good jade stone. Immediately, Tang Long exulted again and said, "How did you think about the thing I told you?"? I really want to do this business with you, and I hope you will think about it carefully. "Boss Tang, I'm sorry. I haven't thought about this yet. Can I tell you the answer after the public offer?" Mo Liming answered without hesitation. All right, it's a deal! Tang Long thanked him repeatedly, "Thank you so much!"! I hope we have a good cooperation! Volume 1 Chapter 209 Emerald Worth More than 30 Million Euros (13) Since Mo Liming's reply is so clear, that Zhang Qiang also has nothing to say, only wait, wait for the end of the jade market to see Mo Liming's news, then he and Mo Liming chatted a few words to say goodbye to leave. Li Ming, it seems that Mr. Zhang is really sincere to buy your piece of jade. When Zhang Qiang walked away, Tang Yan suddenly said to Mo Liming with a smile. Mo Liming smiled and said, "He is the general manager of a jade processing factory in Beijing. He is naturally very concerned about the high-grade raw jade. He came all the way to Pingzhou to participate in the fair. He just wanted to make a fortune to go back and process it and sell it to the rich people in Beijing at a high price. Beijing is a big market, especially the top-grade jewelry, which is in great demand." Jewelers have a lot of profit to look for. "That's what you said." Tang Yan nodded solemnly and agreed, "There are a lot of high officials in Beijing, and there are a lot of wives and children of many big names in the military and political circles who are greedy for jewelry, aren't there?" "Oh." Mo Liming smiled faintly, but smiled without a word, and he said to Tang Yan in his heart: "You also say others,industrial racking systems, you are not the descendants of soldiers, grace is not small?" He had already noticed that Tang Yan's family was in the army, and her parents' official position in the army must not be low, otherwise the air force would not listen to them so much and take good care of them. Before that, he got some information from Uncle Biao, which showed that the Tang family was engaged in machinery business, probably in steel production or other machinery industries. But there is one thing that Mo Liming can be sure of, that is, the machinery factory they set up must have done very well, made a lot of money, or laid a solid foundation, which made them very influential. From the arms sold by Uncle Biao, Mo Liming guessed that the machinery factory of Tang Yan's family might be a military factory, although it was state-owned, push back racking system ,industrial racking systems, but it was actually controlled by their family. Otherwise, where would Uncle Biao get so many arms to do business? An arms dealer as big as him should have a large demand for weapons. According to our country's strict control policy on arms, ordinary people are unable to obtain arms, and do it for so many years, but also safe and sound. "Miss T'ang, Brother Mo, so you two are here!" Just then, Master Luo came up quickly and said hello eagerly. Master Luo, we are looking at the big stone. Tang Yan said to Master Luo with a clever smile. "Yes," said Master Luo. That's a nice stone. I don't know. It must have just arrived. Brother Mo, what do you think of it? "Not bad." Mo Liming answered vaguely. Master Luo asked casually, "Will you submit the tender?" "Down." Mo Liming answered in the affirmative without hesitation. Then we can go now. Master Luo suggested with a smile. Master Luo, we don't have to worry about this. Anyway, there are still a few days left? Don't you just place your bets before the unveiling? Mo Liming asked in reply. He did not want to go to the bidding book so urgently and recklessly, because he had just made up his mind that he would have a perspective examination of the bidding box through the perspective ability of the "Seven Eyes Buddha Spirit", so that when he wrote the bidding book, he would have a bottom in his heart and bet on it, so that he would not waste too much in the process of gambling on stones, nor would he miss the stones. It's really a good thing to kill two birds with one stone. That's all right. It's up to you. Brother Mo, you're right. Don't worry. You can't eat hot tofu in a hurry. Luo Shifu immediately also way. Mo Liming nodded solemnly and said, "Yes.". Master Luo, excuse me, are there any foreigners in your Jade Association? "Foreigners?!" Master Luo nodded and answered, "Of course!"! That's quite a lot! Black people, white people, hehe, and'wampee 'foreigners, Japanese and Koreans are also very keen on jade trading ah. "Oh, I see!" Mo Liming said as if suddenly enlightened. Luo Shifu, Pingzhou Jade is such a big place and ostentation, is it only a secret bet without an open bet? After a pause, Mo Liming asked again. You mean the jade auction? Luo Shifu said, "Sometimes there are, but usually there is a notice first, and then at a designated time, everyone gathers in a hall to gamble on the public market.". But there are few signs. Brother Mo, I'll tell you as soon as I get the news. "Thank you." Mo Liming thanked, "Xiao Yan and I just entered the association inside, a lot of things have not been clear, so thanks to your advice ah." "Brother Mo, you're too kind." Master Luo shook his head and said politely, "You were introduced by Mr. Xue, so how can I wait?"? Besides, you're so good at gambling. I appreciate you very much. How can there be a chance to gamble on stones without your existence? "Master Luo, you flatter me." Mo Liming said,Automated warehouse systems, "I just want to take a chance." "You are too modest," said Master Luo. After the two men said a few words, Master Luo said goodbye to them and left. kingmoreracking.com