Legend of the Dharma God of Rebirth

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    Too easy to feel the mouth become very dry, he pressed his mouth hard, a hand slightly out, then back, and then out. After repeating this more than a dozen times, as if he had finally made up his mind, he slowly stretched out his stiff hand and moved his mind. I don't know how many miles of blood flame, like the contraction of chcháo water, was too easily inhaled into the body. …… The blood flame receded, and a huge, mirror-like, white and smooth plane appeared in front of Taiyi's eyes. In fact, it is indeed a mirror, because it is too easy to see through this water-like mirror, there seems to be a static picture in the mirror. Through the thin layer of mirror, the familiar and strange scene on the mirror, let too easy eyes suddenly a black, stood there, blankly long mouth, throat issued no consciousness, vague voice. Tai Yi's body seems to have no element flow, no wind, but his long hair is like a living thing dancing out of thin air. His eyes became empty in an instant, as if nothing in the world could be integrated into his eyes, and as if seeing through everything in the world of mortals, old and sad. Silently, suddenly, big hot tears dripped from Taiyi's eyes,teardrop pallet racking, and his whole body suddenly shivered involuntarily, and kept shivering. Xi xiǎo Yi, what's wrong? Why are you crying? A voice suddenly sounded in Taiyi's ear, Taiyi slowly looked at the lovely person in front of him. Su Fei, who came with a sword, saw that it was too easy. She didn't know what had happened. She just felt that it was too easy at this time, just like a boy who had just lost his family and became very helpless. Inexplicably, Su Fei's eyes were also sour, and then she shed tears. She reached out and hugged Tai Yi. She held Tai Yi tightly in her arms, just like coaxing a child. As she shed tears,shuttle rack system, she said, "What's wrong with Xi xiǎo Yi?"? Tell me, what's wrong? Why are you crying? You didn't destroy the holy mountain. You should be happy. Why are you crying? Su Fei really couldn't figure out the reason why she cried too easily. Why? Why? Why is it like this. Too easy as if not heard Su Fei's words, just murmured something, the tears in his eyes are still like a dam burst, constantly flowing, soaking too easy the whole face. Gently pushing away Su Fei, who was holding her in her arms, she got up too easily and floated down from the chariot. After standing on the ground, his body shook violently, fell to the ground, then climbed up with great difficulty, pushed hard to help him Su Fei, like a baby just learning to walk, step by step to the mirror. …… Lying quietly on the mirror, it is too easy to look at the picture in the mirror with a giggle. In the picture, a xixiǎo city stands there. The xixiǎo city is crowded with countless people. The faces of these people are either excited, or moving, or greedily looking up at the sky, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,medium duty racking, as if a huge treasure appeared in the sky, which led to the deepest hope hidden in their hearts. Follow the eyes of these people to the sky. There was no treasure in the sky, only a man, a mage in a white sè robe and a silver sè mask. A very familiar person, perhaps the whole land of God, no matter who saw, can recognize who this person is, know how terrible this man is! How powerful! How many people are crazy about it! How many people worship it as a God who will never fall! And next to this'god ', less than ten centimeters away from this God, a huge oval ball of light appeared. Players who have played the Magic Crystal Cannon will be able to recognize the origin of the ball of light at a glance after seeing it. Yes, yes, this ball of light came out of the magic crystal cannon, and its target was obviously the God who would never fall in their hearts! …… Maybe people recognize the people inside, but they don't know where it happened? Who is so bold as to bombard this man? This is too easy, but very familiar with this scene, but also know when it happened. He is very familiar, so familiar that he can't be more familiar! It turns out that all this is a dream bubble. It's all illusory! Do not know how long after, too easy as if want to open something in general, self-deprecating laugh. He stretched out his hand and gently stroked Mmō on Concubine Su's cheek. He said softly, "Xi xiǎo Fei, so all this is fake. Here is a piece of grass, a piece of wood, a stone, a mountain, a river, a sea.." Everything is false, even you are false. What are you talking about? What? What's fake? Su Fei is very anxious, she does not know what happened in the end. Just after her voice fell, for a moment, everything in the whole world, rivers, lakes and seas, mountains, rocks, water and trees, wrapped all the people. Everything becomes static, even time seems to stand still! In the whole world, the only thing that could move was too easy, but he seemed to have been prepared for this great change, and did not show any surprise, but still sat there quietly, watching all the changes, the whole body exudes bursts of loneliness, loneliness, sadness. Alas.. Suddenly, a long sigh came into the ears of Taiyi, no, this sigh, as if through the body of Taiyi, directly conveyed in his soul. Taiyi still sat there quietly, and did not express anything because of the appearance of this sound. After this sound, suddenly the whole static world, suddenly centered on Taiyi, began to collapse a little bit, a little bit, as time goes on, the speed of collapse is faster and faster, the area of collapse is wider and wider.. Only in a moment, the whole world completely collapsed, too easy also appeared in a mysterious place. All around is the fog of white s sè, extremely dense fog,metal racking systems, too easy to see things three meters away. Not up to the sky, not down to the ground, all around is a piece of nothingness. kingmoreracking.com