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    "Please come with me." The waiter guided him to a more private corner, where the three Pippi men were sitting, sipping their mellow coffee and looking relaxed. Please take your time and don't bother you. As soon as the waiter stepped down, Zhong Qian immediately asked, "What game are you playing? That guy is so boring!" "You're so angry early in the morning. Take a sip of coffee to clear your throat first." Mo Dongshu poured him a cup of coffee very gallantly. "I told the waiter that we were from the United Nations Bureau of Investigation, working on a huge case of alien invasion of the Earth in Hong Kong," Chuk said with a smile. Ding Weiyan said, "Our undercover identity is a gigolo at the Imperial Night Club, who is arresting an alien who is transformed into a female guest." Mo Dongshu raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, "Unfortunately, our partner, that is, you,hot tub wholesale, has a relationship with an alien female guest. In order to prevent you from going astray, we are here to discuss with you. We hope you will return to the wrong path and not make mistakes again and again." Zhong Qian opened his eyes wide and listened to the lies in the mouth of the three of them. Is this the good brother who grew up with him? Say he's a gigolo? What kind of feelings do you have with alien women? "He actually believed it?" Zhong Qian's face was covered with frost. He believes. The three of them are the same. Zhong Qian intoned a hum, "that boy is probably a Ni Kuang fan." This is the only explanation, otherwise who would believe this fantasy. Otherwise, it is a lack of intelligence. "Mo Dongshu tore down the bridge across the river and spoke in a very bad way." Anyway,Whirlpool bathtub, he's not normal. Chuk also made a conclusion of "defection". Zhong Qian's two handsome eyebrows lined up high. "Don't think there's a free first-class boat to take." He had already seen through the three of them, first playing tricks on him, and then taking refuge in his side, just to mix seats. The three men laughed happily. Where is Jin Yu? Still sleeping? Mo Dongshu forked the bacon entrance and asked leisurely. Zhong Qian glanced at him. "Why do you care about her so much?" He had long suspected that Mo Dongshu had an intention to Cheng Jinyu. He invited her to attend the Academy Awards ceremony. He just liked to join in the fun. He didn't win the award. What did he go to? Boring, living to occupy a seat of others. "Love me, love my dog." Mo Dongshu said in all seriousness. What do you mean? Zhong Qian is very alert to sweep to Chuke, completely did not think of Mo Dongshu mouth that "house" refers to him Zhong someone. He thought, is it Chuke who has a good impression on Cheng Jinyu? Well, it's quite possible that Chuuk is dissolute and dissolute. He is gentle, 5 person hot tub ,outdoor whirlpool, considerate and generous to women. Few women can escape the endless love network he has withdrawn. Isn't that "Your Highness" the best example? From the way she's obsessed with Chuuk, you can see how powerful this kid's love magic is. Chuk smiled slowly. "Don't look at me. It's none of my business." Men who are in love are really suspicious and sensitive. The day of "Sun Flame" makes them wait so hard for hundreds of thousands of flames. But it's worth the effort to see a virgin break up. Zhong Qian wanted to suspect Ding Weiyan again, but this time he gave up immediately. Cheng Jinyu was not the type of woman Ding Weiyan liked. Ding Weiyan looked at Zhong Qian and smiled slowly. "Fortunately, you didn't say I fell in love with Jinyu." Zhong Qian knew he was out of line. He took a sip of coffee to hide his discomfort. He cleared his throat and raised his eyebrows. Then he asked, "Why are you looking for me so early?" Mo Dongzhi lit a cigarette and laughed maliciously. "Of course, I will find you out if I have something to do. Otherwise, who would have the heart to destroy your good night's dream?" Chuk took a sip of coffee and looked at Zhong Qian with interest. "We know the identity of Jinyu." That's what the three of them did last night. Zhong Qian opened his eyes wide and almost choked out a mouthful of coffee. "Do you know?" Day and night with Cheng Jinyu is he, he does not know, how can they know? Ding Weiyan said in a slow voice, "Jin Yu is the only daughter of Cheng Kunquan, the leader of the Cheng Gang in Hong Kong." "Cheng Gang." Zhong Qian twisted his eyebrows. Ding Weiyan nodded again. When they first heard the news last night, they were also surprised, but after careful consideration, there was something true about it, but there were still some mysteries to be solved. For example, why she lost her memory, why she was deliberately excluded from her father's funeral, and why Cheng Gang did not send out people to find her. Zhong Qian's eyebrows were raised half a day high. "Is she from the Cheng Gang?" He asked again in disbelief, and there was no doubt that the news was a shock. Correct. Chuk knew Zhong Qian's suspicion. "We tracked the news through Shilian's computer intelligence." Jin Shilian, the "speed of light" of ten flames. An unsmiling high-tech leader with the most sophisticated global computer intelligence network, no information can escape his tracking. Mo Dongshu puffed out a puff of smoke and began to praise his indifferent but excellent partner. "You should know how amazing Shilian's network intelligence is. At the beginning, the true identity of the Baron was found by Shilian." Zhong Qian could not hide his anger. "Damn it!"! Why would she do that? Sneak into a hundred thousand flames to deal with us? Ding Weiyan smiled. "You think too much, Qian. She did lose her memory." Even if they knew her true identity, they never doubted her reasons and motives for appearing beside Zhong Qian, and they all chose to believe the fact that she had lost her memory. How do you know she wasn't sent by the Cheng Gang to deal with us? Zhong Qian poured out his anger, together with the share of the awkward kiss in Victoria Harbour last night. "According to the information, Jinyu went to Italy to study at the age of 18, during which she seldom returned to Hong Kong. She did not ask about the'Cheng Gang '. Last week, she was going back to Hong Kong to attend the funeral. However, she lost contact with the'Cheng Gang' elders who went to pick her up in Italy. Her whereabouts are still unknown." "What Italy?" Zhong Qian sniffed, "I picked her up on the flight to Phoenix." Chuke pondered,hot tub spa manufacturers, "As for why she flew to Phoenix, the reason is unknown, only that her original destination should be Hong Kong." 。 monalisa.com