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    "Hum, how can you hide what you have done from me?" Zhou Qing showed a trace of disdain at the corners of his mouth and said with a sneer, "To tell you the truth, at this time, the champion Hou may have crossed the Minshan Mountains and is fighting on the Ruoergai prairie."? Soon, will break through the Yin Feng Gorge defense line, your little plan, can only deceive those children, how to deceive me and so on, not to mention the saintly your majesty. Otherwise, Your Majesty will not pass on the Emperor's Sword to me and ask the general to arrest you. "Zhou Qing, no matter how clever you are, you can't cover up the evil in your hearts.". Do you think you can fool the world? Zhang Yifeng panicked in his heart, but he was still making a loud noise there. If he didn't say anything at this time, he would never have a chance to come out again. What Zhang Yifeng saw was that these gentry did not understand the truth, and only by mobilizing these people could they be safe in the barracks. Hum, take it down. Zhou Qing looks gloomy, this Zhang Yifeng crafty, good really difficult to deal with, just a few words, almost provoked the misunderstanding of the military commanders. He knew why Lu Zhaoci gave up Qin Jiudao, but let himself announce the reason, that is, because this matter can not let others know, especially can not let Xu Shiji know that Lu Zhaoci has left the southern imperial camp,best whirlpool tub, to Dafeichuan, this kind of thing, no one can guarantee Xu Shiji heard the news, what kind of reaction will be. Wait a minute, General Zhou, Lord Zhang is also an official of the Tang Dynasty, and his position is not inferior to that of the general. If he is taken away by the general like this, I'm afraid it's inappropriate. "The prefect of Songzhou hesitated for a moment, stopped Zhou Qing,whirlpool hot tub, and snorted coldly:" I'm afraid General Zhou still needs to explain this. " "Does the Son of Heaven need to explain?" Zhou Qing looked at the prefect of Songzhou in front of him and said with a sneer, "You are also an official of the imperial court. Don't you know the rules of the imperial court?"? This is the Emperor's Sword. No matter how bold I Zhou Qing is, I dare not pretend to pass on the imperial edict. Hum, I Zhou Qing's courage is very small. If adults think their power is greater than your majesty's, you can stop me and so on. As soon as the prefect heard this, his face changed and he couldn't help stepping back. He didn't dare to bear the charge and quickly stepped back. But he still thought of something and said, "Since it's Your Majesty's imperial edict, Xiaoguan has no doubt. It's just that Lord Zhang is going to the barracks now. For the sake of being a scholar-bureaucrat, please give him preferential treatment." "Then it's up to him." Zhou Qing looked stupefied, with a sneer at the corners of his mouth. He glanced at Zhang Yifeng and snorted coldly, "Maybe he won't have to get preferential treatment soon.". Take away. Said also ignore the crowd, let his soldiers escort Zhang Yifeng toward the distance. Leaving behind a field of surprised gentry. The letter, the letter to the son of heaven, the letter to the Xuande Palace, these military commanders are too arrogant and domineering, if it goes on like this, where will our civil officials live in the future? A gentleman in the crowd said loudly, endless swimming pool ,outdoor whirlpool tub, which soon drew the approval of many people and made a lot of noise. Finally, the Satrap of Songzhou nodded his head. Hum, General Zhou, you and Qin Yong are very cunning. You crossed the Minshan Mountain without saying a word. In that case, Qin Yong's performance in my house was all fake. Zhang Yifeng walked slowly in front of the army, leisurely drinking and chatting with Zhou Qing. That's not a champion at all. Zhou Qing showed a trace of disdain at the corners of his mouth and said, "On the day that the man attended the banquet, the champion Hou took three thousand elite soldiers to Minshan Mountain and prepared to cross Minshan Mountain." "Impossible. How can there be three thousand chosen men?" Zhang Yifeng lost his voice. Hum, you underestimate the power of the Royal Guards. Do you think you sent someone to monitor our camp, the Royal Guards will not know? To tell you the truth, every time the army goes to war, there must be Royal Guards, and even the blood drops will go with the army. How can you deceive the Royal Guards. All this is done for you to see. "Zhou Qing shook his head disdainfully and said," Let me tell you another secret. Although our army went out in the morning and returned in the evening, it was actually ten thousand people who went out, but when they came back, it was only nine thousand and four hundred people. A mere six hundred people could not see anything at all in the army of ten thousand people. Only the spies of the army could feel that the number was wrong. As for how can you detect it? What's more, or return in the evening, but also can't feel, so, I and the champion Hou together one after the other led twenty thousand troops out, each time will be six hundred soldiers at the foot of Minshan, five times, will be able to leave three thousand elite under Minshan. All we did was to confuse you. Unfortunately, you fell for it, so we succeeded. "You are very good." When Zhang Yifeng heard this, he nodded and shook his head again. "It's a pity that you shouldn't have come to arrest me, or that it would be more convenient for you to order the prefect of Songzhou to arrest me with the emperor's sword than to arrest me in person." "Oh, what if I do what I'm ordered to do?" Zhou Qing shook his head disdainfully and said, "You, an old man, still want to stir up the contradiction between the civil servants and the military generals. Unfortunately, you have made a mistake about one thing, that is, who made the decision to do this." "You?" Zhang Yifeng was scolded by Zhou Qing with a red face, pointing at Zhou Qing with a trembling finger, so angry that he could not speak. Hum, to tell you the truth, the Emperor's Sword was given by Your Majesty himself, and it was used to pass on the imperial edict. Zhang Yifeng, what do you think will happen in Chang'an? Zhou Qing said with a sneer, "I said, Zhang Yifeng, you have the face. Your Majesty came to Songzhou in person for you. Even if you die, you will die in peace." "You, you mean your Majesty?" When Zhang Yifeng heard this, he seemed to be struck by thunder. His face was pale and his whole body trembled. He looked at Zhou Qing in a dull way, not knowing what to do. All the stratagems are useless at the moment, because at the moment he is about to face is not the general warrior, but the wise emperor of the Tang Dynasty, as if the sky collapsed in general, all of a sudden empty Zhang Yifeng's spirit, walking is also like a walking corpse, no strength all over,whirlpool hot tub spa, can only rely on self-awareness, followed by Zhou Qing, toward the camp. monalisa.com