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How to suddenly become a spoiled child?

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    Ruan Xinxin was slightly stupefied, his eyes focused on the car, and he saw the tall man in the co-driver's seat. It's Zhao Zheng. Ruan Xinxin heartbeat unceasingly, thought Zhao Zheng to look for her, she immediately blushed, but the other side of the car is merciless to the shooting range not far away, leaving only the loess rolled up on the ground. Ruan Xinxin:.. By the way, there are at least thousands of people training here, all wearing the same clothes, Zhao Zheng can know that she has a ghost here. Although this is the case, Ruan Xinxin is still lost, the heart is astringent. Over there, under everyone's gaze, the jeep stopped at the shooting range, and then Zhao Zheng got out of the jeep, wearing a camouflage uniform. This dress is actually not very good-looking, after all, Ruan Xinxin all the boys in the class are wearing it, but Zhao Zheng is born with clothes rack, perfect body proportion, coupled with temperament, this camouflage uniform on his body is more arrogant than the battle robe, revealing the taste of military domineering coldness, and a bit of killing hostility. He did not look at Ruan Xinxin's side,Chinese spa manufacturer, but the person who drove for him seemed to find that the class atmosphere here was not right, and came here to ask the instructor about the situation. This person should know the drillmaster. The drillmaster immediately stood at attention and at ease and reported everything. The man listened, seemed to feel quite happy, looked back at the female classmate who refused to rob, his face was a soldier's dark, but the eyes were bright, the girl was blushed by him. The man grinned and said, "This is just a small thing. Don't be too nervous. The students come here to experience the life of soldiers. They are more important to build the motherland with their own brains. They are much better than us." The little brother of the drillmaster is not willing to hum. That person looks to little girl again, wave: "Come,China spa factory, you come over." The girl was so confused that she held the gun in her arms, which was really a little heavy for her. Seeing this, the man quickly took the gun from the girl's hand. What he carried was quite relaxed: "Classmate, don't you like carrying a gun?" The girl was suddenly shy and hesitated to explain, "No, I'm just tired." "Tired?" Laughing, the man suddenly waved to Zhao Zheng and said, "Chao Po-tao!"! This classmate is tired! You come to refresh her. Ruan Xinxin one is stupefied, did not think of oneself home Zhao elder brother still has this effect, she is in the heart immediately a bit not happy, the heart says my Zhao elder brother why to give others refreshing use? Brother Zhao won't be so bored. He won't come here. But over there, Zhao Zheng glanced at this side in situ, and after a while he actually came over. Ruan Xinxin heard a roar from the girls around her, and suddenly she was in a mess, so handsome that she shouted one after another. To say that the driver who just came is Yinglang, who can make little girls blush and heartbeat, jacuzzi suppliers ,massage bathtub manufacturers, then Zhao Zheng is the type that makes them call their husbands. His eyes light, walked to the driver and the girl, reached for the gun in the driver's hand, opened the safety, raised his hand and hit the bull's eye. …… "***!" I don't know who shouted. After a moment of silence, all the people in Ruan Xinxin's class broke out. The girls shouted that they were so handsome, and the boys were lying down. Ruan Xinxin is also stupefied, looking at Zhao Zheng, as if for the first time found Zhao Zheng so. So charming. And over there, Zhao Zheng fired a shot and returned the gun to the driver. The driver grinned and took out the bullet inside and handed it to the little girl: "Are you still tired now?" The girl shook her head quickly and looked at Zhao Zheng's eyes full of nymphomaniacs, shouting: "Not tired!"! I'm not tired! Brother, you are so handsome! You are my idol! The driver laughed, not knowing what he had said to Zhao Zheng, and they turned away. Ruan Xinxin is still a little silly, the bottom of my heart incredible looking at Zhao Zheng, at this time there has left the people suddenly turned back, the eyes accurately fell on her body. Then, a smile. The author has something to say: The old peacock is shameless. The first watch is at nine o'clock. Chapter 34 After that, their class continued to train, Zhao Zheng and the driver together in the shooting range to talk, practice shooting and play, Ruan Xinxin eyes can not help looking past, and then found that other people's eyes can not help looking past, even boys are like this. At about ten o'clock, Zhao Zheng left with the driver. Ruan Xinxin returned the gun to the drillmaster at twelve o'clock, and a group of girls went to the dormitory. She did not know how her mind was still recalling the appearance of Zhao Zheng just hitting the bull's eye, and Qian Duoduo chattered about what kind of person Zhao Zheng was. "I think it's the soldier's friend," said Subei. "He's not wearing a uniform, but he's so good at shooting that he must have touched it." The identity was obvious, and Qian Duoduo said, "But aren't we in military training?"? Why did he come to play today? Subei: Isn't this place open to the outside world? I heard that if you want to play, you can rent a venue here, as long as you pay for it. Qian Duoduo, oh, still felt that it was not so simple, of course, she could not think of Ruan Xinxin. She was just a little sorry: "It's really a pity. If only I could just hold my cell phone. I've never seen such a handsome man. He's more manly than my love beans." Zhou yuan rolled his eyes and said, "Don't be a nymphomaniac. I think he should be twenty-five or twenty-six. He looks like such a handsome guy. Do you expect him to have no girlfriend?" Ruan Xinxin listened all the way and suddenly said, "Not yet." Qian Duoduo said, "Don't you have a girlfriend?"? No, how do you know she doesn't have a girlfriend? Ruan Xinxin did not change color: "Guess." Qian Duoduo looked at her suspiciously, but still did not feel that Ruan Xinxin had a connection with that person, after all, the two looked very different, one was a beautiful primary school bully, the other was like the school bully of that year. It's not that Zhao Zheng looks unreasonable, but he doesn't look like a reasonable person. Ruan Xinxin is introverted. If the man is a little cold, there will be no intersection. Qian Duoduo boasted that he was an emotional expert and felt that his analysis was in place, so he said, "I also think he should not have a girlfriend, and the majority of female compatriots still have a chance!"! We all have a chance! Ruan Xinxin:.. After arriving at the dormitory, Ruan Xinxin took out her cell phone and received a message from Zhao Zheng, telling her that the company had something to do and went back first. Ruan Xinxin replied,jacuzzi bath spa, "All right, Brother Zhao." Zhao Zheng's message was quickly sent back, asking: [How many days are left for military training?] 。 monalisa.com