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The realm of longevity

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    Outsiders and Tianwaitian looked at each other, they felt some trouble, Skeleton King and Shura Banzu seemed to be ready to move, this is not a good omen. Boom Yaksha Banzu, with dishevelled hair, was once again patted by Xiao Chen with four big Sanshou, constantly coughing up blood. The sword, like a divine rainbow, left three bright blood holes on its body. The battle between the two men was so fierce that hundreds of islands on the edge of the Forbidden Sea were completely shattered in such a terrible energy fluctuation. And many of the sacred mountain fairy veins in the sea have also been twisted into powder. The murderous look rushed to the sky, and the energy waves swept across the whole world! "Bang, bang, bang" At the moment when Xiao Chen whipped the old Yaksha away with a stone sword, he rushed over at a very fast speed and clapped four hands in succession on the body of the Yaksha Banzu. It was not a simple palm force, it was the four sides of the monument in the pressure, directly let the old yaksha's sternum came out of the sound of fragmentation, was blasted out more than 20 miles, a huge island directly hit the sink. Stop Tianwaitian rushed into the battlefield and shouted at the two men. At the same time, outsiders followed up and separated the two men. Don't play any more, and stop at the point. Confused, Xiao Chen secretly asked, "Why did the two seniors stop you?"? Even if I can't destroy him physically and spiritually, I can cause him unimaginable damage. "Stop working so hard." Tianwaitian Chuanyin said, "You can fight with the sword, which makes the Skeleton King and Shura Banzu jealous. I'm afraid they're going to seize the treasure and find out why.". And secretly I don't know if there are other half-ancestors eyeing covetously. In the process, Yaksha Banzu looked very cold and had no intention of continuing to fight. He was now hurt and hurt very seriously. Far away, all the spectators were in an uproar. Unexpectedly is such a result, Yaksha Banzu was beaten up,cattle weight tape, no doubt, defeat! A complete loss of face. How interesting With a smile, Shura Banzu stepped forward in the void and said, "I was clumsy just now. If I'm not mistaken, the more than twenty stone swords on this stone statue are of the same origin as the three swords." Xiao Chen did not speak and looked at him coldly. Tianwaitian frowned and said, "What do you mean, Shura Banzu?"? Do you want to snatch the sword? "There is no such thing. How could I do that?" With a smile on his face, Shura Banzu said, "I just saw that this little fellow had such extraordinary magical powers. I was itching for a moment. I wanted to learn from him." "You are so shameless!" Tianwaitian fell out on the spot, and he knew that the other side wanted to seize the sword. Just then the Skeleton King came forward with a benevolent smile and said, "It's amazing that the stone statue of the commander can compete with the half-ancestor. I'm really surprised about this and I want to experience it myself." Tianwaitian and outsiders know at a glance that they are broken. It is false to compete with each other, but it is true to snatch the sword. Brush The snow-white beast opened Paradise Lost and broke through the air, but was blocked by the Yaksha Banzu who had just experienced the war. Since you two want to compete with me, I will accompany you to the end. Xiao Chen is still not afraid, Diameter tape measure ,Fiberglass tape measure, "clang" a sound, once again pulled out a stone sword from the body, in the hands of two stone sword flow out of the dazzling light. Not far away, the seriously injured Yaksha Banzu heart sank, at this moment his heart is extremely bosom, Xiao Chen is also able to drive more than 20 stone swords? If that's the case, it's terrible! "Ha ha.." A hero is a young man. The skeleton king raised his thumb and laughed at Xiao Chen. Although Shura Banzu was also laughing, he seemed to be gnashing his teeth and said, "In that case, I'll learn from him." Chapter 444 abnormal as a demon. I've just been through a big battle, and now I'm slowly recovering, and I'm here. Long sleeves fluttering, a full head of red hair fluttering with the wind, a school of immortal wind and bone, without a trace of the evil spirit of the Shura clan, looks kind and out of the dust, standing quietly over the forbidden sea. Far in the sky, the gods nodded secretly. Xiao Chen sneers in the heart, this old Shura is really sanctimonious, obviously the intention to kill, want to seize the treasure, but show such a superior appearance. "Whoosh" Xiao Chen's eight-phase world magic power has been brought into full play, traveling through eight worlds at the highest speed in history. Boom. Kill God type, crack type, town demon type, reverse type, the four big hands were frantically beaten out. Without any sign, Xiao Chen launched a fierce attack! The four-sided monument seems to be flying from the sky, and the towering monument is suppressed, and the whole world seems to be shaking. Bang, bang, bang. A huge monument of earth and sky on all sides. It's like all the magic mountains are falling down at the same time. It suddenly appeared with an unstoppable momentum. Broken time and space. It all fell on Shura Banzu. Shura Banzu was blown away on the spot: Go. Spit blood out of your mouth. He was hit and flew out for more than ten miles. I'll let you pretend! Xiao Chen is like a shadow. Four big Sanshou clap out the moment. Rehold two stone swords. Split at the blood-spurting old Shura. Two huge stone swords were swung away. The wind is strong. The sky trembles. Cut it down. "Bang" Shura Banzu, who was stunned by the four Sanshou, reacted quickly and escaped through space for the first time, but one of the swords was firmly cut on his back. Poof! Old Shura spurted blood from his mouth again, and the blow was not much lighter than the four big Sanshou, breaking two of his sternum. Wheezy The divine rainbow breaks through the sky, and the three divine rays hit the earth like a comet outside the sky, shattering the space and attacking the old Shura. Such a brilliant beam of light reaches the extreme speed, which can not be avoided. Puff, puff. Shura Banzu once again heard a muffled hum, and there were three more blood holes in his chest and abdomen. With a flash of rainbow, the three swords flew back into the stone statue and disappeared. Everyone was completely dumbfounded! The old Shura, who was holding his body steady,Adhesive fish ruler, was almost furious. In that short moment just now, he had suffered a series of heavy losses and was almost stunned. How could it be? It was a great shame. His eyes were like two fires of hell, burning out two terrible beams of light. Roar.. 。 tapemeasure.net