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    Volume 1 Chapter 44 Four Sacred Beasts Inside the House of Representatives, the old man lay on the couch and ate fried chicken legs, while Lu Bu sat around the table and discussed in groups. Lu Bu and Zhao Yun discussed the art of war, Nie Liao and Yu Fuluo discussed martial arts, and Ye Xiaoyi and Guo Jia discussed modern mathematics. I still don't understand what your equations and geometry are all about. "Guo Jia found that this thing is really fast, but it is difficult to pursue it." If I knew, wouldn't I tell you? Anyway, that's all I know, and I've taught you everything I can. Ye Xiaoyi scratched his head with chagrin, hating that he was only a high school student. One day a year ago, Guo Jia proudly gave five people the problem of "chicken and rabbit in the same cage". She solved it with an equation. As a result, Guo Jia looked at her like a freak and urged her to explain the Arabic numerals clearly. Explain clearly? How to explain clearly? At that time, we all aimed at entering a higher school, and teachers taught us to "know what it is but not why it is." "But I want to know." Guo Jia persevered. All right. You can figure it out by yourself. Ye Xiaoyi put the "textbooks" he wrote in front of Guo Jia, "that's all I know. Look at Big Brother. He never asks questions. "Where does he have a thirst for knowledge like me?" Guo Jia was puzzled by Ye Xiaoyi's forcing Lu Bu, Zhao Yun and others to learn mathematics. Yes, yes, yes, you're right. "Ye Xiaoyi heart way,Inflatable mechanical bull, lyu3 bu4 in history seems to have been a money officer, if you don't understand this thing, in the future according to the ancient method of accounting must be very troublesome." All right, let's not talk about it. Have you memorized the poem that Mr. Flo taught you? "Oh, my back is ready.". Guan Guan Ju Jiu, in the continent of the river. My fair lady is a good match for a gentleman. Yvro shook his head and carried it on his back for a long time before he wondered, "Why do you teach me to carry things like love between men and women these days?" "Pooh Pooh Pooh,inflatable floating water park, that's the beginning of love!"! It's not called love between men and women! Ye Xiaoyi glared at Nie Liao, suspecting that he had corrupted Yu Fuluo. Oh, but I'd like to know what a fair lady is. Yu Fu Luo scratched his head and felt that the maids at home had been taught very well by Ye Xiaoyi and seemed to have nothing to do with ladies, while Shen Xian, since she had become the target of Nie Liao, did not consider it. I'll tell you. Ye Xiaoyi and Fu Luo have been waiting for this sentence for a long time. She had asked the old man to teach Fu Luo the Book of Songs for this purpose. "My fair lady, I think, is the kind of woman who comes from a scholar's family, who is erudite and talented, and who is good at music." "Oh, can you give me an example?" Yu Fuluo was influenced by Ye Xiaoyi's empirical spirit and wanted to meet the legendary woman. Yes, yes. Ye Xiaoyi rubbed his hands and leaned over his ear and said, "Remember, I only told you one person. You promised me that I couldn't tell anyone else." I promise. If not, large inflatable water slide ,inflatable amusement park, I will hit five thunderbolts in Froday. Can the thunder of your Han people really hit the head of our Huns? Yu Fu Luo raised his hand and swore to show his suspicion of the Han gods. "Well, never mind." Ye Xiaoyi continued to whisper to Yu Fuluo, "In Chenliu, there is a girl named Cai Wenji. She is very talented. She seems to have a photographic memory. She can carry five pieces of melons hidden in her home thoroughly. And the music she plays is even more wonderful. It can be said that" this song should only be heard in heaven, but not in the world. " The way she looks. I haven't seen it either. Ye Xiaoyi is ashamed, do not open the topic, "in short, a Central Plains man, can marry her, can be regarded as the happiest thing in the world." "So it is, so it is." When Yu Fuluo heard Ye Xiaoyi's explanation, he sighed and said, "My fair lady, a gentleman is a good mate, a gentleman is a good mate.." A gentleman is a good mate. "Well, don't poison Flo." The old man ate the chicken legs and threw the bones into the dustbin "invented" by Ye Xiaoyi. He said to the six people, "I found a problem in the movement of keeping fat sheep these days. I wonder if you have noticed it." "Bu and others listen to your teacher's teachings." Lyu3 bu4 to see the old man to speak, sit down. It's not really a big deal. It's just that I don't think Ye Fu's reputation is loud enough. "The old man picked up another chicken leg and then said," Now everyone is on a smooth road to make money, but if you want to expand your influence, you need to put on the name of the gathering place of Confucian scholars, that is, to expand the influence of the Ye Family Guild Hall. " "Monsieur is right, but what shall we do?" Zhao Yun nodded. He received Jiawu a few days ago and said that Changshan also knew that there was a Ye family guild hall in Jiuyuan, but he didn't know what to do here. The old man's suggestion is to take out some money to open a branch library in an important city first, and then win over some poor people and give gifts to some widows and widowers. These things should be what you are good at, so I won't plan them. With kindness and heavy money to buy people's hearts, Ye Xiaoyi and Guo Jia did it very skillfully. The old man felt that he didn't need to talk much about it. The teacher teaches well. We can also buy five books and provide them to the scholars free of charge. Just as my husband did not dislike our vulgarity at the beginning and was willing to teach us, we also want to carry forward the spirit of my husband. By the way, we can also open a printing factory. Lyu3 bu4 think of ye Xiaoyi said that what the United States of America free map five museum, want to follow suit. There are too many bamboo slips these days, and it is not convenient to carry and read them. If, according to what Ye Xiaoyi said, the words are printed on linen, it should be convenient and easy to spread. Well, you can do these things very well, just think about it. It's just that, in this way, Xiaoyi seems to have to change. The old man took advantage of everyone's inattention and winked at Ye Xiaoyi to get down to business. Ah, sir, what shall I change? The old man was so wordy that he went around in such a big circle to say it. Ye Xiaoyi showed a blank look and found that this step-by-step approach was good. Sir, are you saying that Xiaoyi is not grand enough now? Guo Jia has a good understanding and immediately thinks of the problem of ostentation and extravagance. Yes, at least under the name of the owner of the Ye Family Guild Hall,inflatable air dancer, there is nothing special about Xiaoyi when he comes out and goes in. Nie Liao touched his chin and asked Lu Bu and Zhao Yun, "Elder brother and brother Yun, why don't you give Xiao Yi something to put on a facade?" 。 joyshineinflatables.com