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All the prehistoric people

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    It's just an ordinary jade teacup, which is green and full of spirit. You know, Yang Mei didn't do anything, just drank a cup of tea in front of them! In this way, the quality has been improved! Lao Tzu softened his tone, "Our generation of monks, cultivate their moral character, cultivate their minds and souls, the realm that our predecessors can achieve, we also have the hope to achieve, yuan Shi, although we have a good foundation, but it does not mean that we are the strongest monks, you and the third brother must not have the heart of arrogance." yuan Shi nodded heavily, "I know, big brother." Lao Tzu was gratified that the second brother was better than the third brother, that is, he could listen to the words. Tongtian should be out of the customs in the past few years. You, the elder brother, can't be like Grandpa's Garuda, but be surpassed by the younger brother. "Big Brother, we are all big Luo Jinxian." yuan Shi was a little impatient with his preaching. "If you have the ability to break through Da Luo Jinxian and reach Grandpa's realm,D BHB Factory, otherwise he can't surpass me!" Putting down the cruel words, he resentfully returned to the Kunlun Palace to practice, striving to stabilize the peak of Da Luo Jinxian's cultivation, and not to give Tongtian any chance to surpass himself. Behind him, I rarely laughed. Yang Mei wandered around the flood and went to the Phoenix Clan to meet Kong Xuan and Garuda. After a few months, he learned about the great events in the past hundred years, and finally returned to the lair of Mount Sumeru. This time the feeling of the wind is very good, Yang Mei a change of depression,S Adenosyl Methionine, with two little devil's message back to the mountain. Passing by the foot of the mountain, he suddenly asked Xiang Jieyin and Zhunti, "I find that you seem to have been sitting for hundreds of years. How can you stay?"? Won't you go out for a walk? Jieyin's face seemed to be more bitter. In fact, he is not so fond of practicing. Zhunti had a good relationship with Yang Mei and quietly revealed, "The mountain owner said that there is a big chance waiting for us. If we leave, it depends on luck." Yang Mei has a strange face, "and this kind of thing-" a flash of inspiration, he murmured softly, "Luo seems to be telling me to come back early, don't waste time outside." Zhunti said with a smile, "It looks like a big chance." With the cultivation of the mountain owner and Yang Mei, they all need to wait, so what's the harm if they wait for thousands of years? Peace of mind, you are all from Mount Sumeru. What good is it? I can't forget you. Yang Mei patted Zhunti on the shoulder and went up the hill to see Luo, intending to ask about it carefully. As soon as he reached the top of the mountain, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,Thyroid Powder Factory, he found that Luo was not sitting on a chair, but on a rock at the edge of the cliff, with his feet hanging in the air. The wind on the cliff was so strong that it made her black hair wanton and her red dress graceful. Quite artistic conception. He shook his legs, and there was a plate of grapes beside the rock, and when he had nothing to do, he twirled one and put it in his mouth. Feeling that Yang Mei was coming, Luo turned around with a half-smile and said, "I must mention this big mouth and reveal it to you." Yang Mei stood beside the rock, blowing the cold wind with him. "What is it?" Luo Wei reflexively went to see the Sumeru Palace to make sure that Hongjun didn't come out. Hongjun certainly didn't like him to expose the secret in advance. After all, Hongjun's trust in Yang Mei was not high enough. Yang Mei's eyes appear light, speak also need to avoid Hongjun, is absolutely not a trivial matter. Luo Yi waved to Yang Mei, who leaned over. He said, "This is not to be passed on. It has something to do with the throne." Yang Mei's face turned red and her little heart jumped up. The news was so shocking that no chaos demon could treat it calmly. Holy throne! The honor of the sage, transcending heaven and earth, will never be destroyed! Luo Yan looked at him jokingly, put his hand on his shoulder, pressed down, suppressed Yang Mei's floating breath, "You are too excited, it's not that you haven't been a saint, it's like the beginning of the world." Yang Mei's smile turned into a wry smile. "Don't tease me. What else can you reveal?" "No, you can practice with peace of mind," Luo said firmly. Yang Mei stared round eyes, learned this kind of news, let him how to practice at ease! But Luo Yi smiled and waved, a pair of dislike him in the side of the appearance, Yang Mei can only grind his teeth, hold back full of worries back to the Sumeru Palace. Walking in the corridor, he met Hongjun who came out. He felt weak in his heart and controlled his expression on his face. "Luo is outside." I know. Hongjun passed by him, and the faint and mysterious breath dissipated. Yang Mei took a deep breath, his hands trembling under his sleeves, and thought of a possibility in his heart. The way of heaven. Hongjun wants to choose the saint instead of the way of heaven! The sage is already noble enough, so the person who can replace the way of heaven and choose who to become a saint is still above the sage's dignity? In the past, he thought that Luo was too subservient, even the other party was frigid, just divorced, and did not change a Taoist couple, but now it seems that Luo's vision of picking men is simply too good to be better! The author has something to say: # 818 Spicy prescient Luo Dada # Luo: Oh, if he is not good, how can I be with him. Yang Mei: OTZ, please teach me how to become a saint. Luo: It's not too late to please Hongjun now. Yang Mei: = mouth = Hongjun:.. Chapter 177 Fish Danger. Chapter 166 When Hongjun found Luo, there was no cool breeze. He stood under the tree and weaved the willows of the willow tree into the shape of a twist. If you are interested, a Chinese knot is no problem. You can be as delicate as you want, showing your ingenuity. Luo Wei enjoyed his masterpiece and turned to Hongjun to praise himself. Hongjun looked at the knots and said to the point, "It's a nice knot, but the green wicker is not suitable for these knots." "It's fresh for a while, so I don't care about the color,L Methylfolate Factory," Luo said with a smile. The willow tree has no wind automatically, the willow unties itself to end, has not let Luo Wei continue to harm. Luo sensed its reaction and curled his lips. "Let me see it for a few more days." The willow tree is not sensitive to this. Luo sat down on the stone bench and talked to him about business. "What are you looking for me for?" 。 pioneer-biotech.com