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    (World) [I'm not a shemale]: It's definitely not a misunderstanding. Jianghu is not popular. I've never seen such a cheap person as you. (World) [I'm not a shemale]: It's definitely not a misunderstanding. Jianghu is not popular. I've never seen such a cheap person as you. (World) [I'm not a shemale]: It's definitely not a misunderstanding. Jianghu is not popular. I've never seen such a cheap person as you. Bear Dad World Headquarters. (Attached) [Bear Dad]: O (∩ _ &cap O ~ Hehe. This brother has made such a big circle. What are you trying to say? (Attached) [Wannian Supporting Role]: Is it because the Master of the Bear Sect keeps skipping my questions? (Attached) [Bear Dad]: What you mean is that someone wants to deal with our Bear Dad world like a peerless world? (Attached) [Wannian Supporting Role]: Yes, has the Sect Leader ever doubted this? [Big Stupid Bear]: Oh. I don't know which hero you think is dealing with the peerless. (Attached) [Wannian Supporting Role]: Who gets the most benefit? (Attached) [Bear Pants]: Yo o (≧ V ≦) o ~ ~ Great. I like that question. (Attached) [Wannian Supporting Role]: Who wants to dominate Jianghu most? Who has been against the peerless world? If everyone does not act, I am afraid it will be too late. (Attached) [Kohlrabi]: Is it resplendent? Kim Taipan, that bastard. (Attached) [Big Stupid Bear]: Vegetable head. You are so clever, they say so obviously that you still want to guess! (Attached) [Bear Dad]: (@ @) Wow ~ Master Jin, what do you think? (Attached) [Jin Taipan]: I feel very honored. (Attached) [One Stone Melaleuca]: Supporting role. You just told us yesterday that Papa Bear did it. Isn't this going to change too fast? (Attached) [Kohlrabi]: It's the grass on the wall. (Attached) [Kim Taipan]: Hmm? [Kohlrabi]: Please try to ignore me, ignore me (Attached) [Wannian Supporting Role]: Yes, who would have thought that two bitter rivals in Jianghu would fornicate? (Attached) [Bear Pants]: This word is so ambiguous (o ⊙) (Attached) [Bear Dad]: Supporting role, I just want to tell you that if you want to do something, you can do it straight. You don't have to take advantage of it like this. (Attached) [Jin Taipan]: I like to take your turn in a big way. (Attached) [Wannian Supporting Role]: Well, today is a mission failure. However, I really don't understand Master Jin. If you don't show up today, you will be the only big gang in Jianghu tomorrow. (Attached) [Jin Taipan]: If I get it from a villain like you, I don't care. How interesting. Don't ask me what I am doing, such a classic situation, do you think my master will waste it? They say that this is Jianghu, sometimes enemies, sometimes friends. For this reason, I specially connected the mastermind to check the explanation of Jianghu on the Internet. Baidu knows that the explanation is very interesting. What is Jianghu? People are rivers and lakes. Jin Taipan, for the sake of that thing called Jianghu loyalty, linked up with Xiong Dad and calculated it with a precise computer,oil dropper bottle, which was a very foolish way. But on the other hand, my host thought it was the temptation of VIP account, and GM should have contacted him before. I very much agree with this statement. Interests are the most important. Some people think it's over, but it's not. [Pink Bubble]: What is that? It's so ugly. [Kohlrabi]: Don't say that. A meat bun is also dignified. [Heng]: How can we talk about a "bottle of salt" when we plan to make meat buns? [Bear Dad]: This joke is so cold. [Jin Taipan]: When we arrive at Jianghu 2, we will definitely win or lose. One Stone Melaleuca:. [Qi Dafei]: Ladies and gentlemen. Can I have a little privacy for my meat bag? That's right. I'm still a meat bun. A meat bun that wants to say Happy National Day to everyone. The end? This is a level 20 copy. In the past, when I was a pharmacist, I had entered several copies with them, but this one was the only one I didn't enter. At that time, you are crazy, I do not giggle, cut, Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle ,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, so many of us go in, it is demeaning. As a game rookie, Qi Fei did not dare to have other opinions, so he had to stand in a good position and add a good state. But this time it's different, Blood Cow! I remember at the beginning, when I opened the trumpet, this decision was also laughed by Heng Zhiyang several times, joking that Jianghu was about to give birth to the fastest dead blood cow. Bah, the more Qi Fei thinks about it, the more inappropriate he is. Why is he the one who dies the fastest. Whatever you say. Eh. It won't be the first one! Absolutely not, looking at the applicant of the copy, Qi Fei clenched his fist, hehehaha, I want to prove it to you here today. Eh. No, are you sure we two are not the most vulnerable mythical beasts since the opening of Jianghu? The little demon looked left and right nervously. You. What do you mean? Ha "It's unwise to challenge the limits of a woman's anger at this time," Liuhe snickered. Dead meat bag, don't snicker beside, you are so powerful, wait for a moment to block in front of us! "The little demon sneered bitterly." Nonsense! Where do I look like a meat bun now? The whole Yushu is facing the wind, and the charming mythical beast is Liuhe. Shen Suan Liu made a gesture and shook his hair. As a result, one man and two beasts entered the copy of Wangfeng Pavilion with a solemn and stirring momentum of never looking back. Just been sent to the copy, Qi Fei children's shoes a face of surprise in the copy of the good scenery, pavilions, bridges and flowing water, good, good, really good scenery, I do not know how much the price here? It has the potential to appreciate. Eh. This group member, please look this way, don't get separated! I don't know where to take out a flag of "Liuhe Travel Agency" and wave it ostentatiously. Qi Fei made a nod. Looking up, the active monster can be seen everywhere, and there is always a name on the head. Just like the one who found them now and immediately launched an attack. Well, that's a good name. There is no regret for the lost son. I saw a woman with a sword, a long river sunset, the sword waved to Qi Fei, neat and neat to get someone's 50 points of life value. But Qi Fei is also unambiguous,Blue Bottle Serum, a devastating hammer method hit the past, magnificently harvested the enemy 650 blood, the only fly in the ointment is that the cooldown time is 2 seconds. Two seconds of rapid change!. penghuangbottle.com