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The Old Man in My Family

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    10 ноября 2022 г., 9:58:16 MSK

    He also did not expect that Meng Shiyu could sneak out of the sanatorium again and hold a child he did not know where to get. Meng Shiyu has entered a state of madness, her husband has no way out, can only cater to her walk. The doctor of the sanatorium also heard the news, but he was helpless. Everyone knows that Meng Shiyu's days may not be too long. What is more shocking is that the child is really Meng Shiyu's child, who was born a year after she was admitted to the sanatorium. She always claimed that it was her husband's child. At least the kid is innocent. The husband wanted to claim the child, so the following happened. This is the DNA test results of me and the child. Husband finished and put an A4 paper on the tea table. None of us moved. I believe you. Dad lit a cigarette and took a hard puff. Why didn't you make it clear at the beginning? Mother complained in a soft voice. When Meng Shiyu first came, I really didn't know how to explain to my baby. She thought that when the people in the nursing home over there picked her up, the matter would be over. The second time came suddenly, and the medical division over there also followed, Meng Shiyu may fall into a deep coma at any time. I really don't have the time or energy to explain. Moreover, in order to cooperate with her, I took her to live at home for a period of time. At that time, her condition did not allow any mistakes. I only explained it to my parents, but they didn't believe it at all. Before I could explain to you, my parents brought me here to apologize. I didn't think I could produce any evidence, nor did I have time to find it, so I didn't explain it, and I thought the situation at that time was not clear at all. I always wanted to wait for the storm to pass,30ml dropper bottle, explain things well, and then live a good life with her. My husband looked down at me. Although what I wrote was very simple, my husband talked about it all afternoon. Seeing that it was getting dark, I went to the kitchen to cook. "Zheng Tai, who is very young, leads Jishibang, who is very young,cosmetic packaging wholesale, to come over for a meal." Did you run too far again? Mother scolded him. Uh I'm dying of exhaustion. I'm starving! Say that finish, spread out on the sofa motionless. My husband came to the kitchen to help, but I didn't say anything, and I didn't know what to say to him. I want a divorce. I want another divorce. I really want a divorce. At the dinner table, Zheng Tai saw that her husband was not pleasing to the eye and had been grabbing food with him. Her husband was magnanimous and did not care about him. After dinner, my aunt cleaned up the dishes, and my father took a sip of tea and said: Baby, pack up and go home! It's not the way to live at home all the time. Dad opened his mouth, and with a splash, Zheng Tai sprayed the drink in his mouth far away. The poor boy did not know when his leader had rebelled against the revolution. Uncle, are you kidding? He scrubbed at the furniture he had sprayed. How can you joke about marriage? Dad grunted his hairy head twice and said: "Why do you have green clouds on your head?" "This is a fashionable color!" Zheng Tai is very satisfied with his current hairstyle. I look good, but the color, look carefully, Glass Cream Jars ,30ml Dropper Bottle, is really a little green. I want a divorce. I lowered my head and threw one. The atmosphere, which had been somewhat active, suddenly stiffened, and even the air flow solidified. "What nonsense are you talking, child?" Mother scolded. I'm serious. I don't think that's the life I want. I raised my head, looked at my husband with an expressionless face, then looked at my mother with a worried face, and finally my eyes fell on my frowning father's face. I've never done anything on my own in my life. Even the marriage was arranged by you. But I want a divorce. I really want a divorce. I was not sad at all, but the tears flowed down silently. Nonsense! Marriage can't be trifled with! Dad didn't want to talk to me and went into the room with his sleeve. What do you want your mother to say about you? Didn't you explain all your misunderstandings? What are you not satisfied with him? If you have any grievance, how can you talk about divorce? Mom is really anxious. Mom, I'm scared. I really want a divorce. I threw myself into my mother's arms, and my tears were surging. I knew nothing and understood nothing, but I was pushed into the whirlpool of marriage for no reason. This powerful external force will suffocate me, collapse me and destroy me. I'm just twenty-four years old, and I haven't even been in a real relationship, but I'm facing a terrible marriage life directly. Husband's infidelity, mother-in-law's embarrassment, life's coercion, I can't stand it, I really can't stand it. If this had not happened, I might have endured it all the time. After all, my mother-in-law has been bribed by me, and I am slowly adapting to this kind of life. However, whether it is true or false, misunderstanding or fact, it has caused me an indelible and devastating impact, I am afraid. I'm really scared. I don't like everyone talking and laughing outside, and I'm the only one cooking in front of the lampblack. I don't like to guess what my husband is doing with any woman outside. I don't want to think about whether my parents-in-law like my performance now. I don'tlike to be restricted in dressing. If these are marriages, then I would rather not be single for the rest of my life. What kind of confusion is this? Afraid of what? It's not like I'm letting you go home. My mother stroked my back with some tears and laughter. Yes, I used to make similar confusion, inexplicably threw myself into my mother's arms and said I was afraid, so that she coaxed me softly. However, this time I am not confused, I am really afraid! Why don't you stay two more days before you go home. Just don't go back to Xiao Nan today. You can stay at home with her for two days. Xiao Nan is my husband's name. His name is majestic, I believe everyone has heard of him, Chen Haonan. Of course, my parents-in-law will not see the fool, they just think the name sounds good, so they gave it. So, this is also the reason why I don't like to call my husband's name in public. Every time I call him, it causes a sensation. Everyone thought that Chen Haonan,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, who was stabbed with a blue dragon and a white tiger, carrying a machete and a gun, had climbed out of the TV like sister Mako!. penghuangbottle.com