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Taoist priests in Jin Yong's world

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    10 ноября 2022 г., 9:58:07 MSK

    The Jiangnan cloud was in the air, and the sandalwood opened its mouth slightly, like a jade bead rolling on a jade plate. It said, "The little girl can't fight back.". To show respect, if the elder does not stop, don't blame the little girl out of the sword! "I'd like to see it!" Yu Jizi's sword changed again, and with a sound of "sniff", the body of the sword sent out a low roar. It covers the seven main points in front of the body of Jiangnan Cloud. Seven stars fall into the sky! Hum, Abbess Dingyi. Wuyue Sword Sect. The same Qi and the same branch, for each other's martial arts. Also familiar with the unusual, Dingyi Abbess recognized at a glance, this is the unique skill of Taishan swordsmanship, ruthless and unusual. Yes! "" The clouds in the south of the Yangtze River were clear, and a cold light suddenly flashed from his waist, just like a pool of autumn water appearing in front of everyone. They suddenly felt the cold air blowing on their faces. The Frost Sword was driven by the Jade Virtual Formula. The cold air was dense, which was quite different from the ordinary sword. The light of the sword was clear and fleeting. It touched the lower abdomen of Yu Jizi lightly. People's eyes could not catch it yet. The frost sword had already returned to its scabbard. Jiangnan clouds float back, bright eyes like water, quietly looking at Yu Jizi. Jade Jizi, like being eaten by thunder, stood there, motionless, and the sword of Qingfeng stabbed into the air, frozen there, like a statue. The crowd was quiet, and no one made a sound. They held their breath and wanted to know what happened. Martial Uncle.. A middle-aged Taoist priest called softly, carefully. Yu Jizi's body moved and seemed to wake up. He slowly put down his hand and looked down at his lower abdomen. There was a round hole in his Taoist robe, which was as round as a copper coin. The white middle clothes were exposed from the hole,glass cream jars, and the middle clothes were not broken at all. Yu Jizi looked at the round hole. After a while, he raised his head and looked at Jiangnan Yun. He smiled sadly: "Good swordsmanship!" Good swordsmanship! All of a sudden, he seemed to be more than ten years old, his body was slightly bent, and his old state was obvious, as if he was old and dying. Concession! Jiangnan Yun opens his mouth quietly, and his temperament is like a pool of spring water. Her jade face was calm, and she looked at Yu Jizi lightly, without sorrow or joy. She seemed to be a fairy in Tianque, who was not infected with the seven emotions and six desires of the world. She turned her head,Oil Dropper Bottle, and her watery eyes passed over everyone's faces one by one. She said indifferently, "The family teacher did read the Sword Spectrum to ward off evil spirits, but he also said that he would never reveal it, and the little girl knew nothing about it." If you want to see its appearance at a glance, you might as well spend more thought to break the array, which is the safest! Her tone is euphemistic, implying a warning, so that people do not have a crooked idea. Suddenly a voice rang out: "Ha, in that case, if you press Xiao Yihan directly, can you also get the sword spectrum to ward off evil spirits?" People looked at it one after another and were greatly surprised. A man in sackcloth lay in the crown of a pine tree, squinting slightly. The pine tree was far away from the crowd, so people did not pay much attention to it and did not see him. The man in sackcloth lay on his side on the top of the tree, with a bamboo hat flapping gently in his hand. His body was long and thin, and his eyes were long and narrow. It looks a little gloomy. Jiangnan cloud quietly looked at him, looked at a few eyes, suddenly, jade face filled with a smile, like flowers blooming, Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale ,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, everyone only felt bright in front of them, like the beginning of the snow. When people were absent-minded, Jiang Nanyun smiled and said in a charming voice, "If you have the ability, you might as well go and ask your teacher." The man in sackcloth narrowed his eyes. Hei Hei said with a smile, "It's said that Xiao Yihan's swordsmanship is excellent, but I don't believe in evil. Try your swordsmanship first." With that, the body moved, the carp jumped, stood up straight, stepped on the branches, smiled proudly at the crowd, stepped hard at the foot, and shot out like an arrow. The branches are shaking. His body shot at Jiang Nanyun, his body was in the air, and his long sword at his waist was drawn out of its scabbard, drawing a white rainbow. Jiangnan cloud Yan ran a smile, unhurriedly a white wrist, tender white Xiuxian fingers have picked up a chess piece, this chess piece white crystal. With a warm luster. Ma Yi's body and the sword are combined into one, just like the white rainbow penetrating the sun. Before the sword arrives, the fierce momentum has been forced over. Jiang Nanyun bent his fingers and flicked, and with a sound of "sniff", a white light shot out to meet the man in sackcloth who had been stabbed with the sword. It was as fast as electricity. When the sword light collides with the white light, the light dims at the same time. Take the sword out of your hand and draw an arc. Falling down, the man in sackcloth suddenly reversed direction, his body retreated, his body in the air, his hands and feet dancing at random, like a drowning man. "Bang!" He fell from the sky, and the dust on the ground made a dull sound. He struggled and staggered up on his hands and feet. Covered with mud, he turned into a mud monkey. Staggering for a moment, he finally stood firm. He shook his head gently, opened his mouth and stretched his neck. "Poof" spits out a mouthful of saliva. He fell right in front of the Taoist priests of the Taishan Sect. They all stepped back and did not want to be touched by the flying dust. Taishan sent people to see him spit on the ground this is not spittle. It's blood. Your martial arts are too poor to fight with my master. Jiangnan Yun said with a smile and glanced at Yu Jizi. Yu Jizi looked gloomy and did not see her eyes. His eyes were empty and thoughtful, wandering in the sky. Yi Lin jade face a burst of fever, secretly ashamed, Jiang Nanyun display is also a snap of magic, power peerless, far less than their own. Damn, it's so evil! The sack-clothed man spat and cursed bitterly. He took two steps, bent down and pulled out the sword inserted in the ground, wiped it clean with his sleeve, carefully and carefully, and the sword was spotless again. Jiangnan Yun looked at him with a smile, but smiled without a word, graceful and graceful, firmly attracting the eyes of the public, even the Taoist priests of the Taishan Sect are no exception. Your hidden weapon is brilliant, but I want to take a look at Jing Hong's sword and see if its reputation is true! Ma Yi man squinted at Jiangnan Yun and said lazily. Jiangnan Yun smiled, looked at him lightly, and nodded: "Let you see it, so as not to give up." "Take it!" The sackcloth man's figure flashed, swift and light, and suddenly jumped up to her. As soon as he handed her his wrist, he stabbed her with a sword. Jiangnan Yunjiao's body stood still, and his right hand like white jade did not know when it had been put on the hilt of the sword. Suddenly, the cold light suddenly appeared and passed away, and the sword had returned to its scabbard. In the eyes of the crowd, the cold light seemed to be still flashing, constantly flashing. The figure of the sackcloth man was fixed and motionless,Glass Cosmestic Containers, only his eyes rolled, and the sword was still in his hand, thrusting forward. penghuangbottle.com