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See you for the first time Author: Muqi

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    10 ноября 2022 г., 9:51:22 MSK

    "Hello, I'm Zeng Yu, a reporter from Tongcheng Evening News. Do you remember the last time I reported to your hospital?" Tongcheng Evening News.. Liang Yifeng narrowed his eyes, "well." Ceng Yu didn't expect Liang Yifeng to be so cold. She went on with a shy face. "Well, because the last report was very successful, we're going to do a special interview with you this time. If you have time, can we meet?" "-No." He snapped off the phone. Ceng Yu on the other end of the phone was stupefied. It was the first time she had seen such a cold person. Liang Yifeng turned his cell phone with one hand, and soon the screen lit up again, and two text messages came in. Dr. Liang, I don't think you understand what I mean. Special interviews are not only helpful to the First Hospital, but also can improve your popularity. Can you think about it again? I only need ten minutes of interview time. Liang Yifeng eyes without waves, he directly ignored the two text messages. Looking up again, the target was Zhong Nian, whose hair was pulled to one side. She was wearing an apron and holding two bowls of noodles in both hands. She stood in the dining room and showed him a gentle smile: "It's ready to eat." Liang also sealed the knot of the throat and rolled up and down: "Good." At the end of the meal, Liang Yifeng asked her, "Which newspaper office are you in?" Zhong Nian: "Tongcheng Evening News." Liang Yifeng put down his chopsticks, took the paper and wiped his mouth slowly. Zhong Nian looked up at him. "Why did you suddenly ask that?" Liang Yifeng adjusted his glasses,manganese beneficiation plant, "nothing." Dinner was soon over, and Liang Yifeng had no reason to stay here. When he was changing shoes at the entrance, he found that the suitcase beside the shoe cabinet was missing. He frowned. After going out, he took out his work mobile phone and sent a text message to Zhong Nian. Hello, Miss Zhong, is my suitcase still in your place? Zhong Nian replied quickly: "Yes, when do you have time? I'll send it to you." Liang Yifeng hooked his lips and was still in her house. He didn't reply to her text messages and went straight downstairs. As soon as he got into the car,mineral flotation, the mobile phone in his pocket rang again. Liang Yifeng took it out to see, "Dr. Liang, I hope you can." In the back, he was too lazy to take a look and directly blocked the man's text message harassment. Zhong Nian waited for a long time on the other end of the mobile phone, but she didn't get a reply from Miss Jinxin. She thought this person was really strange. Contact luggage, lukewarm, more than half a month to send her a text message, it seems that only to confirm whether their suitcases are still in her home. Today the heart seems to be at ease with her, or perhaps this person is not a person who cares too much about things, or there is nothing valuable in this box. All in all, a strange man. · The Dragon Boat Festival comes quietly. Zhong Nian lived with her uncle Shen Liangyi when she was abroad. Her uncle is a person who attaches great importance to traditional Chinese festivals. In addition, he is the director of the Confucius Institute at the University of London, coltan ore processing ,Carbon in Pulp, so he attaches great importance to such festivals as the Dragon Boat Festival. Under the influence of what one sees and hears, Zhong Nian has also become a person who has a special sense of ritual for life festivals. During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the newspaper also sent a box of zongzi. Zhong read to this box of rice dumplings some at a loss, her home and Liang Yifeng brought over the rice dumplings, a short time to eat; take back to the countryside home, it is estimated that her mother has to say a few words, after all, the rice dumplings wrapped at home are full of meat. After thinking for a long time, she decided to take the box of rice dumplings to Sui Yu. Sui Yu happened to be in the restaurant when he received her phone call. Before she could speak, he said first, "I'm in Wanda's shop. Do you want to come over for dinner?" Zhong Nian happened to be near Wanda, and she immediately nodded: "I'll be there in five minutes." "All right, I'll wait for you here." Zhong Nian hung up the phone with a smile. She carried a box of rice dumplings to Wanda, and when she reached Gate 1, she met Sui Yu, who had just come out of Starbucks. With two cups of milk tea in his hand, he saw her arrive. He looked at his wristwatch and said proudly, "Is my time all right?" Zhong Nian took a cup, took a sip and said, "Why did you come down?" Sui Yu: "Aren't I afraid you can't find the way?" He noticed the rice dumplings in Zhong Nian's hand and joked, "Why did you bring a box of rice dumplings to see me? Why did you honor me?" Zhong Nian glanced at him and said coldly, "Yes." Sui Yu immediately begged for mercy: "Don't talk to me in this tone. I'm afraid. I admit my mistake. I'll retire!" Zhong Nian smiled. She said, "It's from the newspaper. I can't finish it. I'll bring it to you." Sui Yu frowned. "Give it to me if you can't finish it?" Zhong Nian glanced at him and wrote in his eyes: Or what? Sui Yu sighed exaggeratedly, "isn't the friendship between us worth buying a box for me?" Zhong Nian: "Well, it's not worth it." Sui Yu looked at her with a straight face. Zhong Nian laughed immediately. She took her own milk tea and touched Sui Yu's. A shallow smile appeared on her face: "You don't eat rice dumplings. What are you doing?" Sui Yu gulped a big mouthful of cold sand ice into his throat. He said, "Then what are you doing for me?" Zhong Nian said, "Take it to the store for the guests to eat." Sui Yu raised his eyebrows and said, "Are you here to help me attract business?" Zhong Nian smiled and did not speak. Sui Yu sighed, "Where can I find such a good friend?" Zhong Nian: "Almost." Sui Yu stretched out his hand to take the rice dumplings she was carrying and looked at them carefully. "It's still from Wufangzhai. Your newspaper office is quite willing to give up." Zhong Nian: "At least it is a first-line newspaper." Sui Yu: "Yes, yes, yes, yes." Two people arrived at the shop, Sui Yu put zongzi on the front desk and a pile of candy together, young and successful young talent standing at the door of the music restaurant is particularly pleasing to the eye. He is tall and graceful, has a good taste in clothes, behaves with the dignity of a noble childe, and coexists with waves and unruly in his eyebrows and eyes, which is very attractive to little girls. Sui Yu and the receptionist said: "These eight zongzi are free for the guests, first come first served." Camper: "OK,chrome washing machine, General Manager Sui." When Sui Yu finished, he looked at Zhong Nian and said, "Have you had lunch?" Zhong Nian: "Not yet." "Eat here?" 。 ore-magnetic-mining.com