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Peach Blossom Blood

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    10 ноября 2022 г., 9:51:12 MSK

    "Boom!" Suddenly there was a loud noise, and thick smoke rose from the flower bed, and grass roots, gravel, soil, branches and leaves flew around. Chang Yulan was astonished. "Brother Sha!" She cried. Click! In the two compartments of the moon cave door, two steel branches like doors appeared, closing the moon cave door airtight. Chang Yulan shouted, "Brother Sha!"! How are you doing there? However, without the slightest response, Chang Yulan was burning with anxiety. Then the sound of gold and iron could be heard clearly. It is expected that Sha Wutong will be attacked, in order to explore the personality of Hua Sha Wutong, if not encounter a strong enemy can not be distracted to answer, will definitely say hello. Nowadays, it must be very dangerous not to answer a word. In particular, just a "bang" loud, it can be concluded that the gunpowder is making trouble, sand without mercy, it is in the place where the gunpowder exploded, perhaps with serious injuries. Thinking of this, Chang Yulan was so anxious that she unsheathed the heartbroken sword and scurried to the door of the Moon Cave. She put the tip of the sword in her hand and tried to insert it into the barely distinguishable gap between the two iron doors. However, the two iron doors are very tight, although the tip of the sword is thin, but can not be inserted, want to push open, there is no way to force. The sound of gold and iron came faintly through the iron gate, and the struggle seemed to be getting stronger and stronger. Chang Yulan knew that it was impossible to open the iron gate, and the upper end of the moon cave door was a half-black and half-yellow slime zenith, which could not be crossed at all,Portable gold trommel, and she was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan. At his wits' end, Chang Yulan took care of the door of the Moon Cave on the right. Thought: maybe we can get to the left. With this in mind, he turned and walked to the door on the right. Kill! Shrieking and screaming, there were two big pits in the grass that could not be seen in disguise. They were in front of the left and right moon cave doors. The turf was half-true and half-false. It was a bamboo mat covering the ground that matched the size of the pit. When the bamboo mat was lifted, eight men in red jumped out, each with a hook and sickle, and shouted, rolling up to Chang Yulan like a storm. As soon as Chang Yulan saw it, she couldn't help being overjoyed and said with a sneer, "It's easy to handle if someone is there." As he spoke,gold CIP machine, he straightened up his sword, left palm and right sword, and instead clapped his hands against the eight men's swords. The sword plays the heartbroken, the palm unfolds the blood demon. Heartbroken Sword is a famous family in Jinling. Blood Demon Palm is a unique skill lost in Wulin. Chang Yulan's swordsmanship has been immersed for twenty years, and the blood demon palm has been studied in the peach blossom forest, and it has become somewhat hot. Now, anger and hair, how with small. The eight men in red, who had held the battle before, really stole the show in their shouts. However, the martial arts fight, all by the real chapter of learning, many people, can frighten the silver wax spear head, meet Chang Yulan such a peerless master, and then double, also to no avail. Chang Yulan is anxious for the safety of the sand without mercy, under the rage, like a mad tiger, sword, magnetic separator machine ,Carbon in Pulp, palm, shout repeatedly. But listen, ping-pong clatter, in a group of sword light, eight men in the hands of the knife, like scrap iron, each went half. The eight men shouted and fled to the original pit. Chang Yulan was very careful. She was sure that there was no way out. She had already grabbed a good position and stopped in front of the pit. As she waved her heartbroken sword, she shouted, "Those who want to go will die!" Inside the secret passage, there was no access around. Of course, the eight men knew best. They knew that Chang Yulan's sword was fierce, but they had to rush to the pit to escape, like moths throwing fire. Chang Yulan's sword was like a shower of flowers, and his palm was like a thunderbolt. In the midst of his exclamations, seven of the eight men had a hole in their chests, and their bodies were lying in front of the pit. The remaining one was suffocated by the wind of the palm, pale and trembling like a wild animal trapped in a cage. As soon as Chang Yulan raised the tip of her sword to the man's big hole in the atrium, she shouted in a deep voice, "Take me to the Moon Cave!" The man's face was livid, and although his face was full of fear, he shouted at the top of his voice, "The blood eagle has been captured, and there is no life." Chang Yulan said coldly, "fool!"! Is it worth it? The man's teeth clenched and his eyes blinked. Chang Yulan said in a harsh voice, "Your eyes are slanting and your heart is not straight. Don't play tricks. Your seven partners are role models." The man smiled grimly and said, "I've already said that I'm not going to live at all." As he spoke, his short body suddenly rolled on the spot, kicked from the grass, and rolled straight into the pit. This is beyond Chang Yulan's expectation. The bullet caught up with him, and the tip of the sword pierced the man's throat for the second time. "If you want to go, you're asking for your own death," he said. The muscles on the man's face twitched and he gnashed his teeth. "I won't tell you the way, sir," he said. "I'll give you my life." As he spoke, he still held out his chest and stepped forward, and his throat stiffened to meet Chang Yulan's sharp sword tip. This move was even more unexpected. Chang Yulan drew his sword hurriedly, but it was not too late. The tip of the sword had penetrated seven inches into the man's throat. Without waiting for Chang Yulan to withdraw, the man's tall body fell to the sky on the edge of the pit. The blood spurted high like a water arrow, and the smell was pungent. Chang Yulan was stunned on the spot. He thought to himself, "What method can Sima Changfeng use to hone these" blood eagles "so that they would rather die than reveal the secrets of the village?". These "blood eagles" all have extraordinary skills, are they willing to.. Thinking of a sudden move in the heart, dark thought: "Blood Eagle" is not afraid of death, if really not afraid of death, why the previous escape? Grab the road? Thinking of grabbing the road, he had a brainwave. He rushed to the pit from eight "blood eagles". There must be a passage in the pit. Why not? Chang Yulan got up, followed by a short body, and jumped into the pit. The pit was originally more than ten feet deep, and the pit was unexpectedly dry, and there was no smell of mildew and dampness. Chang Yulan hesitated a little and thought to herself, "Since there is no smell of mildew and dampness, the ventilation must be smooth.". Thought, along the pit forward, but also only ten steps away, but there is a section of the spiral up the stone steps, crickets up. Chang Yulan ascended the stairs and slanted in from the light. It seemed that he was not far from the exit. It was about the flower garden outside the door of the Moon Cave on the left side. He was overjoyed. Turn half a circle again, the sound of gold and iron, occasionally with a few muffled drinks, although it seems to be far away, but it can be heard. He was overjoyed, quickened his pace, and several spins had reached the ground. Eh! Strange to say, the direction of the exit is good, according to estimates,tin beneficiation plant, it should be near the flower garden. However, the sound of gold and iron striking each other can be heard faintly, but it is getting farther and farther. ore-magnetic-mining.com