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Lord Fox Fairy [Reborn]

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    10 ноября 2022 г., 9:50:48 MSK
    White Lake lay down, sleeping inside, with his back to Lu Qicang, his tail still covering Lu Qicang. Lu Qicang was originally lying flat, but also turned over to face the white lake, the breath of the white lake is not the same as before, light fragrance, Lu Qicang could not help but lean forward, feel close to the white lake, open your eyes, is the back of the head of the White Lake. Taking a deep breath, Lu Qicang gathered the tail of the White Lake comfortably. The White Lake swished the tail back. Lu Qicang's face was a little unnatural-others were sucking cats, but he was sucking foxes! Lu Qicang hurriedly turned his back to the White Lake, where there were cold furniture, desks, refrigerators, hangers. Had to lie flat, the top is the beam and black tiles, and then turn over, is the white lake. Bai Hu turned around and lay flat, but he didn't fall asleep either. He felt that Lu Qicang was very annoyed to move around. He raised one leg and pressed it directly on Lu Qicang's legs. Lu Qicang did not expect the white lake will be like this,gold cil machine, this boy is to dominate a complete bed, right? Alas, forget it, he became like this tonight he also has the responsibility, such a thought, Lu Qicang also did not care, closed his eyes brewing sleepiness. Sleep in the middle of the night, Lu Qicang woke up,portable gold wash plant, the white lake half lying on his body, is asleep, the mouth is still talking in his sleep: "ears." Ears are coming out. Touching the head of the white lake, Lu Qicang closed his eyes again and fell asleep. When Bai Hu woke up, he was curled up in Lu Qicang's arms, his head was pillowed on Lu Qicang's arm, and he rubbed his eyes. Bai Hu was sleepy and misty, thinking that he was still a little fox a year ago. He smacked his mouth and wanted to go back to sleep. In a daze, he opened his eyes wide and saw Lu Qicang's face clearly. Half of his sleepiness had gone. However, he still felt as handsome as he had seen Lu Qicang for the first time. Alas, if he hadn't been bullied all the time, Baihu might not have been so resistant to Lu qicang. In fact, it is not a conflict. Bai Hu found that he could not find words to describe his attitude towards Lu Qicang. After Lu Qicang woke up, he saw the white lake in his arms with a pair of open eyes in a daze and moved his numb arm: "Did you wake up so early?" Chapter 34 Puzzle. "It's getting late. The sun is out." White Lake moved, moved up, Portable gold trommel ,sodium cyanide price, and lay side by side with Lu Qicang. The clothes jumped up in the process of moving. White Lake wanted to pull down and pull the hem of the clothes, but his elbow touched a hard thing. He opened the thin quilt doubtfully and saw that the second child between Lu Qicang's legs was sticking up. White Lake frowned. Lu Qicang did not know what he was looking at, but also looked inside, and then sneered: "This is a man's normal physiological reaction." The White Lake looked at himself. "Didn't you see me like this?" "You're not a man, you're a demon." Lu Qicang said, then touched Baihu's thigh in an evil way, "If you want to stand up, it's not a problem, just do it yourself." Bai Hu could not understand the meaning of Lu Qicang's words. He felt very uncomfortable being touched by a man or a Taoist priest. He pulled his clothes down and kicked Lu Qicang: "How can I go out like this?" "No, just stay in the house." Lu Qicang looked at the white lake in his spare time and was so angry that the white lake kicked him again. Bai Hu did not dare to open the wardrobe without authorization, for fear that something would hurt him again, so he rolled up the quilt and turned his back to ignore Lu Qicang. Lu Qicang put one leg on the smooth leg of the white lake and hooked it: "Little Fox, are you angry?" "Don't touch me." White Lake said in a muffled voice. All right, I'll find you some pants. Lu Qicang turned over and got out of bed, opened the wardrobe and rummaged for a while, throwing a pair of sports trousers on the bed, "put them on." Bai Hu sat up, lifted the quilt, and his tail covered the place just right. Lu Qicang licked his lips and went over to shake his trousers twice: "It should have been washed." "It should be." Bai Hu took his trousers and sniffed them in front of his nose. It was the smell of soap. It's good to have it, but you still dislike it. Lu Qicang rubbed his head. "Hurry up and put it on." The White Lake had to put on his trousers and collapsed his face. "What about the tail?" Touching the tail of the white lake, Lu Qicang thought to himself that it felt really good. The fur was bright and smooth. "Anyway, it can't be hidden. It's up to you.". ” The white lake was thinking about what to do, Lu Qicang could not control himself along the tail of the white lake to touch the beginning, came to the tail of the white lake a poke, white lake a spirit, hair exploded: "Lu Qicang!" The tail is still trembling. Lu Qicang smiled clearly: "So this is also your sensitive point." White Lake reached out to scratch the itch to relieve the numbness of the poked place: "I don't know what you're talking about.." Out of the room, Lao Dao was already sweeping the floor in the yard. "I heard you two through the door." "Good morning, Martial Uncle." It seems that the sound insulation effect of the room is not good. Good morning, master. Ah, I was told by the master. Breakfast is ready. You two go and eat. Lao Dao said that he didn't seem to care about staying in the White Lake. Yes, Martial Uncle. "Yes, master." Lu Qicang stretched out a big lazy waist, the hand was just about to touch the white lake shoulder one second before the white lake walked down the stairs, Lu Qicang mouth pumping. Bai Hu said to Lao Dao, "Master, let me sweep." "No, that's about it." Lao Dao smiled kindly, "There is fruit in the kitchen, you go to eat it." "Uh-huh!" In this way, Lu Qicang held a bowl of porridge in his left hand, sat on the steps with steamed bread in his right hand, and Baihu stood aside eating fruit. Can you eat human food now that you are transformed into a human body? Lu Qicang took a mouthful of gruel and asked. Occasionally, "White Lake said," I just don't want to eat, to be exact, I'm not used to it yet. "Sit down. I'm tired of talking to you with my head up." "You won't stand up?" The White Lake looked down at Lu Qicang. I'm lazy. Lu Qicang bit off a piece of steamed bread and said as he chewed, "You know I can sit without standing, and I can lie without sitting." "I don't understand." White Lake muttered in puzzlement. Don't understand what? Say it,small gold wash plant, Master Dao, and I'll give you a solution. How can a lazy man like you live to this day? How strange! Don't you think so? “……” White Lake still stood, not knowing what he was thinking. ore-magnetic-mining.com