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The Runaway Concubine of the Evil Lord

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    Her eyes have been staring at Lu Wuyan, at the moment when Lu Wuyan was exhausted and dismounted, she exclaimed, "Brother!" He rushed straight ahead regardless of the sword. Several people obviously did not expect her to appear, some surprised to see her pick up the already seriously injured Lu Wuyan. Brother, it's me, I'm coming. She picked up Lu Wuyan's head and wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth. Younger sister Lu Wuyan's eyes softened when he saw her. He put his hand into his arms and took out a small clay figurine, which had been squashed, and the colors were mixed together and could not distinguish the shape. "This is what my brother pinched for you, and he never had a chance to give it to you." Before, it was my father and brother's fault that they shouldn't have used you. "Brother!"! Stop it! I know, I know! She took the clay figurine, held it in the palm of her hand, and could not stop crying. Use so what, she already knew, if she minded, then she would not have knelt down to beg Yi Junhao to let Lu Hongfeng go. A long sword lay across Lu Wuyan's neck. Lu Qingwu raised his head to meet the ice-like eyes, "Yi Junhao, I beg you, he is my brother, is my last relative!" PS: Third watch ~ ~ Thank you for your support ~ ~ Wish you all a happy weekend ~ ~ Remember to leave me a message ~ ~ Mody! Chapter one hundred and fifty draw a sword Lu Qingwu raised his head to meet the ice-like eyes,impact beam tubes, "Yi Junhao, I beg you, he is my brother, is my last relative!" She did not want to beg him again, but at present this is the only way, she wants to take Lu Wuyan to leave, as long as his brother is alive, she will look forward to the day will exist. Her sad eyes looked straight at that pair of eyes,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, she only hoped that the evening would appear soon, if the evening was there, he would not let his brother die under the sword of Yi Junhao. Sister, do not ask him, brother only regret how to let you marry such a cold-blooded bird/beast! Blood, sprayed on Lu Qingwu's face, she opened her eyes and slowly fell on Lu Wuyan's pierced neck, the clay figurine in her hand suddenly fell, "Brother, brother?.." Elder Brother! I still have a lot to say to you, you get up quickly, get up! Elder Brother! Don't leave me! She lay on Lu Wuyan's body, crying loudly, and kept calling "Brother, Brother". The sword slowly pulled out, Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes ,stainless steel 304 pipes, with some sticky blood dripping, Yi Junhao moved his lips, but never said a word. When the crying gradually stopped, Lu Qingwu laid Lu Wuyan's body flat on the ground, picked up the shapeless clay figurine, and carefully wiped the clay on it with his sleeve. With dull eyes, she walked up to Yi Junhao and handed the clay figurine to him. She said softly, "Look, this is the clay figurine my brother gave me. Does it look good?" Yi Junhao looked down, could not bear to look at her again, and took the clay figurine on his chest with a smile. At the moment when Yi Junhao held the clay figurine, a sharp knife pierced his heart! Blood covered her hands, dull eyes suddenly became ruthless, she smiled at Yi Junhao slowly sliding down, slowly falling down the body. Haoer! Yi Tianyuan pushed Lu Qingwu to the ground and reached out to hold Yi Junhao, who was already half kneeling on the ground. Beads of sweat as big as beans rolled down his forehead, and he wanted to speak to Yi Tianyuan, but the sharp pain in his chest made him hum. Gong Ximo and Zhanyi also ran over, picked up Yi Junhao and went to the tent. The soldiers of Shenyue Kingdom saw this scene and surrounded the tent. Obviously, for them, Yi Junhao's life and death were more important than killing Yi Junche. Lock her up! This is what Yi Tianyuan said to Lu Qingwu before entering the tent. Lu Qingwu on the ground, without a change in expression, let the two soldiers pull her up and drag her away, she just silently glanced at the tent where people kept coming in and out. Yi Junhao's assassination and the reaction of the Shenyue soldiers undoubtedly created an opportunity for Yi Junche. He rushed out of the encirclement with the remaining hundreds of people. Immediately, he turned around and rolled up the body of Lu Wuyan on the ground with his whip. He took a deep look at Lu Qingwu who had been dragged away. In a makeshift tent, there was no stove, only a little candlelight. Darkness and cold attacked Lu Qingwu, who was curled up on the ground and shivering. Poor Xiao Hao, will he die?? The first more ~ ~ look forward to the pro message oh ~ ~ Hee ~ ~ Chapter 151 his mother, Bai Wansu. In a makeshift tent, there was no stove, only a little candlelight. Darkness and cold attacked Lu Qingwu, who was curled up on the ground and shivering. She spread out the hand that had just held the knife, and there were still red stains of blood on it. Yi Junhao, you forced me! I have given up, why do you still force me! She tried desperately to rub the blood on her hands with her sleeves until finally the whole palm was dyed red. Yi Junhao, that knife, you can hide, why don't you hide! You knew it from the moment you reached for the clay figurine! Why did you have to suffer my fatal knife! Do you want me to feel guilty about you? You are wrong, kill you, I only have the pleasure of revenge! Lu Qingwu laughed loudly in the empty tent, but it should have been a happy laugh, but it was so sad. The strong wind whistled into the tent, and Yi Tianyuan came in with a cold face. "Hum, you can still laugh. If it weren't for the fact that you are now the master of the knife, I would have let you go to hell long ago!" With these words, he pulled Lu Qingwu up from the ground,aluminium coated steel tube, "If Wan Su knew that she had such a daughter-in-law as you, she would not die in her grave!" Yi Tianyuan pushed her into the tent where Yi Junhao was wounded. If Yi Junhao hadn't insisted on seeing her, Yi Tianyuan might have killed her long ago. cbiesautomotive.com