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Tips on Saving Up WOW Classic Gold

  • 16 сентября 2019 г., 7:22:27 MSK

    World of Warcraft: Classic might be just around the corner, so it’s about time to start preparing. We’ve already published a class selection guide, and today we’re focusing on the most important resource of the game, of course, it is gold. Many players who played World of Warcraft back in the day might remember the times when you needed to count every spent penny and the times when gold farmers roamed the Azeroth on their super expensive epic mounts. In vanilla WoW, gold was everything. And we’re here to help you save as much of it as possible. So, without further due, let’s dive in our World of Warcraft: Classic gold making guide.

    Best professions for gold making

    In order to save up gold quickly, you must be mindful of your character’s professions. According to various sources, the most profitable profession back in the day used to be herbalism. Mining and skinning are right up there as well. Gathering-oriented professions have an advantage compared to the crafting ones in the early levels because gathering doesn’t require you to spend gold in order to make some coins. You can find plenty of herbs to collect, ores to mine and beasts to skin, all while you’re levelling. Everything you manage to gather can then be sold in the auction house fairly quickly.

    However, the World of Warcraft: Classic crafters can earn their share of gold as well. Crafting professions have a slight disadvantage in the early levels since the best crafting recipes are only gained in the end game. Additionally, in order to level up a crafting profession, you’ll need plenty of resources which might take a while to farm.

    And one final note – don’t forget the secondary professions such as Fishing, Cooking or First Aid!

    Don’t just sell stuff to vendors

    Gold in World of Warcraft: Classic can be earned with a bit of luck too. By killing and looting mobs you might find some truly rare items. Some of them might be usable by you but others might not. Don’t just sell that piece of rare equipment to the nearest vendor as it can earn you quite a bit in the auction house. Especially if it’s an item for a level 50+ character.

    Additionally, while looting dead corpses, sometimes you’ll get some rare resources which are highly desirable by crafters. Clothes, stones, gems, recipes, essences, shards, special reagents – everything can be sold if it’s of no use to you. Vendors won’t give you much for these items, but other players might be willing to shower you in gold.

    Develop your character with care

    Earning gold in World of Warcraft: Classic is all about optimizing your spendings. Back in the day, your character’s skills were acquired from a trainer, using money. Don’t just buy everything he or she offers! Read the skill descriptions and be mindful about them. Quite a few characters can live through the levelling process without learning some of their utility or damage spells. These won’t go anywhere and you’ll be able to learn them later on.

    Furthermore, we highly recommend you plan in advance regarding the class that you want to play. In the Classic WoW, there were no class specs. Every talent point spent couldn’t be changed without first resetting all of them and the talent point reset was a costly practice. If you already know what you want to play as in the end game – try to develop your talent tree accordingly. This way you’ll be able to save a lot of gold in advance.

    Level up a Mage

    There’s a reason why Mage was the most popular class in vanilla World of Warcraft. Mages were by far the best class for farming and killing large groups of mobs with ease. Even the players who didn’t main a Mage had one created and levelled back in the day. Solely for farming purposes.

    Additionally, Mages could make some gold by selling their other skills. Only mages were able to conjure up food and drinks and sell them to other players. Furthermore, Mages were the only class able to open up portals to the major cities – for a gold piece or two, of course. Have a good time in your WOW Classic. What's more, you can buy cheapest WOW Classic Gold Sale from https://www.igvault.com/WOW-Classic-Gold to help you level fast.